Movimiento Cocecha and allies shut down ICE's DC headquarters

Video-shutting down ICE for the day 2 min 45 sec

On the 27th of June, Movimiento Cocecha backed by many allies showed up in front of ICE's DC headquarters on 12th st SW across from the FCC. ICE had barricaded their front doors-and told their employees to stay home for the day. Photos shot through side windows verified at least the first floor windows to be empty. Prevented from entering ICE's building, protesters blocked 12th st as well.

While police had barricades set up to protect the front door, they had not barricaded the entire building. Seeing this, protesters flanked the barricades with a march around the building not on the streets but on sidewalks and concrete right up against the walls and windows. It was at this point that camera footage was shot showing the inside of the first floor to be empty.

At the end of the protest, everyone was able to safely withdraw without arrests. A small crew of 3 or maybe 4 fascists connected to the Daily Caller and possibly the "Proud Boys" racist militia as well tried and failed to disrupt the protest. They were quickly recognized and contained by anti-Fascist activists. Speaking of Fascism, several protesters held signs invoking WWII and Naziism as precedents for the current behavior the Trump regime and its racist backers.

Police may well have left protesters alone to avoid adding fuel to the firestorm of public rage and fury summoned up by the screams of toddlers ripped from their parents' arms on the border on the direct order of Donald Trump and his minions. Trump regime officials have admitted they were caging children away from their parents for no more reason than to attempt to deter other migrants. This is totally beyond the pale, and the Washington Post now reports ICE and Homeland Security officials cowering from the public. They have been confronted in and ordered to leave restaurants, and faced protesters at their homes. In Portland protesters beseiged an ICE office for a week. Here in DC, ICE chose not to face the fury of the public, instead forfeiting by staying home and ensuring protesters achieved their stated goal of shutting down ICE's DC office for the day.

Blocking 12th st in front of ICE

Raining buckets at the start of the protest

Hitler, Tojo, Trump

Start of the street blockade

First floor of ICE verified empty by camera footage through windows

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