Two DC Marches Remember 50th Anniversary of MLK's assasination

Video highlights of both marches

On the 4th of April, marchers took to the streets across the US to remember the 50th anniversary of the murder of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King. Two of these marches took place in DC.

The first was a 7:30AM march from the MLK Memorial to the Mall, where a stage was set up for the rally2endracism. The second march was at about 6PM from Howard University (where students are holding the administration building) to Ben's Chili Bowl on U St.

The march from Howard included a special touch: two participants near the lead of the march wore the livery of African-American Union troops in the 1861-1865 Civil War, one carrying a sword. The march stopped at the African-American Civil War Memorial for a minute of silence honoring these solders who fought and so often died to put an end to slavery.

Much of the violent racist hate that divides the US today is essentially unchanged since what some have gone so far as to call "Civil War I." The hate and racism that the Donald Trump campaign and presidency have revealed did not come from Trump, he only encouraged the purveyors of hate to crawl out of the sewers and show themselves openly.

Setting out from the MLK Memorial for the rally2endracism, about 7:30AM

Marchers arriving at the rally2endracism stage

Marching down Ga Ave from Howard University

Honoring African-American troops who fought against slavery in the 1861-1865 Civil War

Marchers on U St

The second march ended at Ben's Chili Bowl

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