Counter Repression Spokes rides from 12th and L (DC) to Pittsburgh

Video of the segment from DC to Great Falls

Update Day 5- Sun, Oct 1 3:30PM: Ride reaches Pitttsburgh

Update Day 4:Passing Pinkerton Tunnel and Mile 100 on Gap Trail, 1 more day to Pittsburgh

Update evening Day 3:Into PA, and over Eastern Continental Divide. Ride now trends downhill to Pittsburgh. One jerk with Nazi symbol on chest spotted

Update Noon Day 3:Halfway there, mile 175

Update Day 2: Ride passes Williamsport in Western MD

On the 27th of September, the CounterRepressionSpokes bike ride set out from 12th and L sts in DC, bound for Pittsburgh via the C&O Canal towpath and other trails. The ride is raising money for Dead City Legal Posse(J20 defense), One People’s Project, and St. Louis Legal Fund. Each group gets 1/3 of all donations collected.

After crossing DC, the ride took the Capitol Crescent Trail as far as the last crossover to the C&O canal towpath that did not involve taking loaded bikes on a flight of stairs. An Indymedia videographer accompanied the ride as far as Great Falls in MD. At the end of the first day, riders had reached as far as Harper's Ferry, 61 miles from the start of the C&O canal in DC and maybe 63 miles from the start of the ride.

A stop on the trail: Photo from Resist This twitter feed

The sendoff in DC

First turns of the pedals en route to Pittsburgh

Getting to work: early section of the C&O Canal towpath

The spectacular "widewater" section of the C&O canal

Stopping at Great Falls

On the Great Falls boardwalk close to the bikes

Remembering the John Brown uprising and railroad strikes at Harper's Ferry. Photo and caption from

Day 2: A covered bridge somewhere in western MD (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

Day 4: 100 mile marker on the Gap Trail in Pennsylvania (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

Pinkerton Tunnel in PA, Day #4. (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

Near the end of the ride on Day #5 (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

In Pittsburgh somwhere around 3:30PM Oct 1 (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

The antifa flag carried from DC is displayed in Pittsburgh (photo by counterrepressionspokes)

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