Over 50 arrests as ADAPT shuts down Trumpcare hearing

Update Sep 26: No vote this week after Sen Susan Collins declares she would vote NO. After Oct 1 60 votes needed as "reconciliation" process dies. Trumpcare 5.0 should be dead

Video of ADAPT shutting down the Trumpcare hearing on Sep 25

On the 25th of September, over 50 activists from the disability rights groups ADAPT were arrested in a protest that shut down a Senate hearing on the Graham Cassidy bill. Graham-Cassidy is the latest and worst Trumpcare bill, among other things it would turn Medicaid into block grants to state governments.

With hundreds of people dealing with disabilities, many in wheelchairs waiting to get into the hearing, police forbade all but 7 from entering the hearing itself. This did not stop the disruption, only spread it to include the hallway as well. There were reports of people being dragged out of wheelchairs on the one hand, and on the other there was a case where cops had to remove someone in a motorized wheelchair from which the battery had been removed.

Meanwhile Graham-Cassidy (Trumpcare 5.0) appears to be on the verge of defeat. There are 52 GOP Senators, so if three defect the bill fails 49-51. A 50-50 vote would be broken by Mike Pence. The only thing is, as of the end of September 26, there are four publicly announced GOP no votes. Susan Collins, Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Rand Paul have all announced they plan to vote NO, killing the bill unless Trump can intimidate two of them into changing their minds.

Still from Live Satellite News video of disruption inside the hearing

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