Prosecutors, Trump go light on Charlottesville Nazis compared to DisruptJ20

Iron Snowflake news video anchored by Luke

Police and prosecutors have cut the Nazis of Charlottesville a huge break, with scattered individual arrests for serious crimes compared to the kettle, mass arrest, and wholesale felony charges against those who dared to protest Trump's Inauguration on Jan 20. One has been arrested for firing a gun at an African-American counterprotester, a few for the group beating of an African-American man in a parking garage, and Chris Cantwell is charged with major felonies for macing counterprotesters against the torchlight parade.

All the Nazis were permitted to leave on August 12 except the driver who murdered Heather Heyer and wounded 19 other people. None of the Nazis who tried to direct him back out of town and away from the police (much less the marchers as a whole) were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, or anything else for that offense. Maybe the two other cars that were destroyed in the attack were not considered sufficient "property damage" to trigger a wholesale police attack on the fascists because the cars were not owned by the business class? Ignoring those two cars, the city of Charlottesville reported "zero property damage."

The Huffington Post has gone so far as to charge that police consider a broken Starbucks window a more serious threat than neo-Nazis packing guns.

Transcript of video:

Donald Trump would have you believe that the Nazis who marched under Torchlight at Charlottesville and the antifa heroes who dared to resist them are somehow equivalent. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Anti-Fascists did not march under torchlight screaming anti-Semitic slogans like it was 1936 in Berlin. We didn't seek to storm a church by force and assault everyone inside. We didn't pull a gun and shoot at one of the Nazis, but one of the Nazis shot at an African-American counterprotester in Charlottesville. Most importantly of all, we are not the ones who rammed a car into a crowd, injuring 19 people and killing one in an ISIS-style vehicular attack.

Now let's talk about prosecutions. After Charlottesville, a small number of Nazis were arrested on individual warrants for the severe beating of an African-American in a parking garage, and for shooting at an African-American counterprotester. All the Nazis except the driver of the murder car were permitted to go home that day, there was no police attempt to round up and arrest all of the Nazis for the crimes committed by some of their number.

By comparison, on January 20th, when a small number of protesters against Trump's inauguration allegedly broke windows, police opened fire with every less lethal weapon they had, attempted to trap and arrest every person on the block other than themselves, and in the end arrested 230 people, only some of them protesters at all. Every person they captured is charged with felony riot for being on the same block where someone else broke windows, plus a laundry list of other felony charges totalling 75 to over 80 years in prison depending on the case.

No Nazi at Charlottesville was charged with felony riot for standing on the same block where another Nazi was firing a gun at a counterprotester. No Nazi was charged with conspiracy to commit murder because some of their fellow marchers sought to direct the driver of that Dodge Challenger around police and out of town to safety.

Donald Trump not only has made outrageous and spurious comparisons of neo-Nazis who dare to resist them, by the actions of his Department of Just-Us and Federal prosecutors he is actively favoring neo-Nazis, the so-called "alt right" who voted him into power over anyone who dares to resist them.

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Still from ACLU VA video showing Nazi firing pistol at an African-American counterprotester in Charlottesville.

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