1000 Ministers March for Justice condemns alt-right, Trump on King 1963 anniversary

Video from the rally and march

August 28 was the 54th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's famous March on Washington. It was hoped that 1,000 ministers would show up for the 1000 Ministers March for Justice on this day-but over 3,000 registered and a huge crowd marched from the MLK Memorial past Trump Hotel to the Dept of Justice.

The length of the march was sufficient that Penn Ave was filled with marchers 3 lanes wide from 15th st past Trump Hotel all the way to the Dept of Justice. The ministers led the march all the way.

At the starting rally, one of the ministers described Trump as being but one of the symptoms of racism in the US. Another reminded everyone that this US was literally built on a foundation of racism, using stolen labor to build on stolen land. After the hateful tiki torches of Charlottesville, speakers were not inclined to pull their punches when it came to describing Trump and his supporters. A Rabbi went so far as to remind everyone of that vicious "Jews will not replace us" chant the Nazis used on Fri, Aug 11 in Charlottesvile while they marched under those Tiki torches..

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