"Our Lives On the Line" celebrates victory over Trumpcare 4.0, warns against further attempts

Update Jul 30:Trump vows to cut off ACA subsidies unilaterally unless Congress passes a Trumpcare bill.

The July 29 Our Lives On the Line rally and march on the White House celebrated the 4th defeat of Trumpcare bills in the Senate. The protest also warned against any further attempts to gut medicaid and health coverage.

In the rally preceding the march, Nancy Pelosi was the keynote speaker. Describing the original passage of the ACA she spoke as though she had marched in an anarchist Black Bloc to "push through the gate" and get it passed. Having spoken with such gusto she did not once mention the disablity group ADAPT, which faced numerous arrests and once left their blood on the Senate floor after being assaulted by police. ADAPT and Planned Parenthood made all all-out stand in the last round of Trumpcare debates on Capitol Hill.

The march on the other hand had a row of parents with young children in wheelchairs as most of the lead row as marchers entered Penn Ave in front of the White House.

The day after this march and rally, Trump threatened to unilaterally cut off subsidies currently paid for insurance for those who don't make enough for market-rate health insurance. This is intended as deliberate sabotage, as it would force insurance companies to exit the market or raise their rates until nobody could buy the policies. Ironically, an ACA collapse on Trump's watch could end with him seeing single-payer passed over his veto in response to a rise in states or localities with no health insurance companies on the ACA exchanges.

Video showing Nancy Pelosi talking like she marched in a black bloc, then the march on the White House

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