Trump $35K/plate fundraiser for own re-election draws protesters

On the 28th of June, Donald Trump held a fundraiser for himself at Trump Hotel, drawing protesters on very short notice. Protesters invoked everything from Russiagate to Trump's war on women and the environmental record of his EPA chief Pruitt. Inside, dinner was $35,000 a plate, some paid as much as $110,000, and ABC News reported Trump raked in $10M from his very wealthy donors.

Just ONE of those $35,000 plates could buy a $4.75 dinner for every one of the 8,000 homeless people the Washington Post admits to existing in Washington DC. Places were set for dining outside, but few of them were used because of the protesters. There were rounds of "shame, shame,shame" and similar chants. Lots of potential for donors to get $35,000 worth of heartburn at Trump Hotel this time around.

Speaking of re-election campaigns, while Richard Nixon was committing the crimes that led to Watergate, his re-election campaign was called Committee to re-elect the President, or CREEP for short.

Video from a few minutes after Trump's motorcade arrived

Sign over plastic bare ass: You won't be covered

People had to show up on essentially zero notice

Lots of cops, Trump was reported present for about two hours

Stephen Spauding photo of the protest just after Trump arrived to a chorus of booing

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