WERK for peace marches on Sen McConnell's home against "Trumpcare" health bill

Update June 27: GOP puts off vote until after July 4 recess after 6 GOP Senators say they will vote no, which would scuttle the bill.

On the 26th of June, the mostly GLBTQ group WERK for peace staged a dance party style march on the home of Sen majority leader Mitch McConnell. Upon arrival they threw heaps of biodegradeable confetti into the air while shutting down the entire block. WERK for Peace is demanding that Sen McConnell block Trump's healthcare bill, which would gut Medicaid and boot an estimated 22 million people off of health insurance.

The "individual mandate" is not enforcible, the IRS by law cannot collect the penalty except out of tax refunds. Thus, the GOP "Trumpcare" bill is mostly a tax cut for the rich funded by gutting Medicaid and subsidies for the poor to buy health insurance

There is a good chance this bill will go down in flames. Not a single Democrat will vote for it, if just two Republicans vote NO the bill fails. At this writing five GOP Senators have announced plans to vote no. The GOP leadership will probably attempt to avoid a decisive defeat by delaying the vote, only bringing it back up if they can get the votes to pass it. Thus, people need to stay alert on this one.

Scenes from the march and at Mitch McConnell's house

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