ICE raiding communities in sanctuary cities to pressure, retaliate

On Friday, March 23, CNN released a report detailing a chillihng pattern of ICE raids aimed at sanctuary cities to pressure them to let ICE fish in their jails, and in one case to retaliate against Sheriff Sally Hernandez's in Travis County, TX for instituting a sanctuary policy. DC is still a sanctuary city according to Mayor Bowser herself, so similar assaults on immigrant communities here are possible.

It is critical that not a single sanctuary city, state, or locality back down in the face of direct threats from the white supremacists at ICE and in the Trump adminstration. History will remember those who had the courage to resist fascism, and it will also remember the cowards who collaborated with the enemy. The latter will find their names remembered the way names like Quisling and Vichy are remembered today.

ICE and Trump represent a special kind of hypocrisy and racism. They are the descendants of settlers who had no legal rights to the land they stole from Native American people, and thus could not pass any title to their descendants, then or ever. Now they deem to tell people of Indigenous descent where they can and cannot go on Indigenous land. ICE agents are no different than armed burglars in someone's house trying to expel the homeowner and/or forbid the homeowner's relatives from entering the house. It is the burglars, the trespassers who rightfully would face expulsion from the home, and under this logic Trump, all of the alt-right, and every last ICE agent need to get on the boat back to Europe themselves.

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