Philly Trump/MAGA rally containing known fascists shut down, march pursued

On the 25th of march, a MAGA(pro-Trump) march and rally drew a tiny turnout including known neo-Nazis. It was quickly confronted by masked-up antifascist activists who police allege set off smoke bombs. The outnumbered and outmatched Trumpers and fascists reportedly cancelled their rally "in fear of violence" and attempted to salvage their day with a march. A "blue lives matter" racist, pro-police website reported the rally cancelled, twitter reports show opposing marchers in the streets, ending with "MAGA march attempting to re-form.

Several Trump supporters were photographed openly carrying pistols in the streets of Philadelphia, but they were unable to use these weapons to stave off defeat without risking arrest. There is also a report that organizers of a pro-Trump march in California were pepper sprayed by anti-Trump/anti-Fascist fighters.

Phlly's tiny MAGAt rally/march before being hammered by anti-Fascist activists (photo by Seth Cotlar)

An armed Trump supporter's pistol grip photographed from high ground (Hub City Antifa photo)

Fascists leading the Philadelphia MAGA (pro-Trump) march (Hub City Antifa photo)

Known facists/white nationalists at the Philadelphia pro-Trump/MAGAt march

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