Protesters, Democrats gather at Supreme Court against Trump's refugee ban

On the 30th of January, the Democratic Party staged a rally and press conference at the Supreme Court to condemn Donald Trump's unlawful refugee ban. Thousands of other protesters showed up. Even the US ruling class is now divided on Trump's refugee ban decree, with members of Congress marching out of the Capitol to the Supreme Court to initiate the protest.

There is a report that four members of Congress who asked Customs and Border "Protection" to comply with the injunction against detaining refugees were rebuffed. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates ordered the Dept of Justice not to defend Trump's refugee ban on the grounds that it might not be legal under existing US laws. In response to this, Donald Trump fired her, replacing her with someone more amenable to his will as Acting Attorney General. That will last until Trump can get known KKK sympathiser Jeff Session confirmed as Attorney General. If the Democrats refuse to consent to a "Consent Agenda in the Senate that could be until Trump leaves office or is impeached.

Trump is still supposed to operate as the head of state of a government with divided powers, and not supposed to be able to rule by decree. It usually takes several years for newly elected or "elected" fascist leaders to consolidate power to the point that they can do away with courts and legislatures and rule by decree. Mussolini was the head of state of what was still a democracy for three years before throwing off democracy and ruling as a dictator. Hitler used a mathmatical scam to double just under 40% of the votes in the 1932 German election to "80% of the votes needed to take power" and still more manueuvers to become Chanceller at all. Even then he needed to get the Enabling Act through the Reichstag before taking absolute power for himself. Trump is behaving in an exceptionally impatient and "grabby" manner even for an outright, capital-F Fascist.

Photo by Emilio Galván

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