released : Beyond the red lines – system change not climate change (film)

 The new film "beyond the red lines – system change not climate change"
about the climate justice movement is now available at

From the lignite mines in the Rhineland to the port of Amsterdam or the
streets of Paris during the World Climate Summit, the struggles for
climate justice are fought at more and more fronts. Beyond the red lines
is the story of a growing movement that says „Enough! Here and no
further!” and commits civil disobedience taking the transition towards a
climate just society into its own hands.

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a cine rebelde film, 90 min, multilingual with English subtitles (de,
en, fr, es)

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Sylvain, Linda, Laure, Lorenz und Luciano for the cine rebelde team

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The year 2015 was marked by human induced climate change increasingly
spiraling out of control – and the struggle for climate justice taking
place at ever more fronts. In Paris a global climate agreement was
adopted. But was it really about saving the planet? While negotiations
and greenhouse gas emissions are in full swing, there are worlds between
what would be needed to avert runaway climate chaos and the measures
actually being taken.

This film portrays three initiatives before and during the World Climate
Summit. It shows 1,300 people entering a lignite open cast mine and
putting their bodies in the way of giant coal excavators in order to
paralyze Europe’s largest source of CO2 for one day (Ende Gelände). We
hear the voices of people that block the import of fossil fuels at the
harbour of Amsterdam (Climate camp „ground control“ & „Climate Games“).
We meet people on a 5,000 km bicycle ride to Paris, providing on their
way a common voice for a climate just world to countless local
initiatives (Alternatiba).

The film also documents how tens of thousands take the streets of Paris
during the World Climate Summit despite the proclaimed state of
emergency. Meanwhile the largest climate change mobilization recorded in
recent history unites more than 785,000 people in 2,200 events in 175
countries .

In the midst of giant machines, raised voices and apocalyptic
landscapes, the logic of a system based on endless growth and its
“green” crisis management is questioned.

Beyond the red lines is the story of a growing movement that says
„Enough! Here and no further!” and commits civil disobedience taking the
transition towards a climate just society into its own hands.

Beyond the red lines

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