Facebook reported blocking ALL videos about DAPL pipeline

On the 30th of September, urgent reports appeared on Twitter asking posters of Dakota Access Pipeline resistance media to use Youtube instead of Facebook because Facebook has started blocking all "media" content, presumably all videos.

There is of course no reason Youtube won't also start blocking these videos or simply declaring them "mature" which would mean anyone without a Google account cannot view them because they cannot or refuse to log in. Thus further backup copies ideally would be sent to Archive.org, which as it is not supported by ads does not have to worry about offending advertisers. This way one copy goes where random users totally unfamiliar with free media will see it, another goes to a truly free website where it is exceptionally difficult for the capitalists to get rid of it and no tracking data is generated against users.

It should be presumed that organizers in N Dakota are using facebook because the site's "black hole" nature of being the only site many people check regularily has forced them to.This kind of situation gives Facebook dangerous powers as a media gatekeeper, and they are now using these powers against Native American and allied water protectors. Facebook is a servant of the Black Snake.

While Facebook has no access to local copies kept of video files before upload, archives of any videos sent directly to Facebook as they were recorded may no longer exist. In the aftermath of the Sep 28 tear gas airstrike on a peaceful corn planting ceremony, it is no surprise that people like Zuckerman who understand their wealth and ability to use it are based on oil would refuse to allow their own assets to be used against them. Things are getting really desperate and nasty in N Dakota and that is bringing out the worst in corporations like Facebook. Thus now more than ever it is important to keep local backups of everything uploaded to Facebook, and of all contact/friends lists and other organizing information stored there. Since the beginnng of Facebook, they have been militantly pro law enforcement, and unlike Google or almost anyone else have hired human monitors who troll the site for things the police might be interested in and volunteer them to it without even being asked. Twitter and Google at least demand warrants or subpeonas for this, and the police must first find on their own what they want to get warrants for.

Unicorn Riot's video of the police air and ground attack on a corn planting ceremony 9-28-2016 safely copied to Archive.org where corporations can't reach it

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