Followup: Lakota warriors block illegal pipeline construction a week after DC protest

On the 6th of August, the Standing Rock Sioux Nation held a protest at the White House against the Dakota Access pipeline for fracked Bakken crude oil. Construction on this line, another "Black Snake" like the Keystone, has begun without permits. A week after the DC protest, warriors from many bands succeeded in stopping construction by occupying the site, at the cost of many arrests. Protests are ongoing and continuing as this is reported. Like the 2014 Mi'kmaq victory that drove SouthWest Energy from New Brunswick(in Occupied Canada), this has a good chance in ending with an Indigenous victory over resource extraction.

During the prolonged but ultimately victorious fight against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, many invoked the Lakota prophecy of the Black Snake, which brings great destruction and sorrow. Long was that thought to be the railroad, but during the Keystone fight people realized that the Black Snake goes underground. Thus, the Black Snake was the Keystone XL. Like the dragonslayers of European myth, people managed at great effort to kill the Keystone. There is more than one Black Snake in this world however, and the Dakota Access Pipeline has now reared up its ugly head with illegal, no-permit construction. Native American people and their allies have sworn to stop this pipeline no matter what it takes.

Youtube video of arrests of Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II and Councilman Dana Wasinzi at the Dakota Access pipeline site.

There is more than one Black Snake in this world: we stopped the Keystone and we shall stop the Dakota Access too!

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