Orlando defends after Drag Queen Story Hour cancelled over threats from Nazis

In the week leading up to Oct 29, five different neo-Nazi groups including the Proud Boys, Patriot Front, National Socialist Movement and two more announced they would assault a Drag Queen Story Hour at the Center in Orlando. Not wanting to bring children into a battlefield, the story hour organizers cancelled but Nazis vowed to show up anyway. On the day of,most were no-show in the face of a powerful community defense

Video: Seven religious nuts show up, Proud Boys, NSM, et all chump out as community defends 1 min 51 sec

THIS is what any Proud Boys scouts passing the Center saw!

Fl Board of Health meeting tells trans kids "stop shouting" then votes to ban their medical care

On the 28th of October, the Florida Board of Health met at Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport to finalize rules prohibiting doctors from providing gender-affirming care for trans youth under 18 except as part of a University-run experiment. Trans youth and their supporters were told to "stop shouting" and take this assault in Q&A before the Board voted to toss them under an Evangelical bus.

Video-bike cops riding in to silence trans youth 11 sec

Bike cops rode into the meeting to intimidate trans youth and their friends

Kavanaugh, Roberts get Pre-Halloween protest

On the 26th of October, with Halloween less than a week away, protesters returned to the homes of Supreme Court "Justices" John Roberts and "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh.

Video from raw clips by Literary Mouse 45 sec

Photo by Literary Mouse

Iran solidarity rallies held all over the US

On the 22nd of October, supporters of the ongoing uprising in Iran held solidarity protests in cities all over Turtle Island. One of these protests was in DC, another was in Orlando. Still another in LA drew a reported turnout of 40K. One chant heard in Orlando was "one solution-revolution!" Signs called for revolution and regime change in Tehran.

Video-scenes from the Orlando rally 50 sec

The main slogan of Iran's uprising

Emergency march for Palestine held after recent raids and urban seiges

On the 21st of October, Palestinians and their supporters met at the Washington Momument and marched through the streets of DC. They were protesting a string of raids and seiges of Palestinian cities by the Israeli government.

Video-two clips of the march by a participant 42 sec