Wanted posters targetting killer cop Jason Bagshaw appear in DC

In mid-December 2016, "wanted" posters depicting notorious killer cop Jason Bagshaw appeared on lamp posts around town.

Proud Boys harass Jacksonville drag show but abandon field to defenders before show starts

On the 18th of December, the Proud Boys (an extreme-right terrorist group)descended on the venue putting on a drag show in Jacksonville, FL. Defenders prepared for the worst and safely got people inside. Before the show could even begin, the Proud Boys quit the field, possibly to watch football or soccer. There was no sign of them at the Shell station where they had parked their cars.

Video: Proud Boys harass the JAX drag show but soon give up 1 min 48 sec

Proud Boys (far right terrorists) outside a Jacksonville drag show

"Freedom to discriminate" case draws dueling protests to SCOTUS

On the 5th of December, Christian fundamentalists again faced off with women's rights and LGBTQ activists in front of the Supreme Court. This time the case in question is a lawsuit brought challenging antidiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ folks and by extension people of color and almost any other disfavored group. Fundamentalist Christian bakers and artists rallied outside while progressives counterprotested them. The case is 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis

Photo by Our rights DC

Fascists and Christian Nationalists terrorize LGBTQ communities and drag events in possible nationwide offensive

Video: Some of the Dec 3 Fascist attacks on the LGBTQ community 56 seconds

The 3ed of December is a day that shall live in infamy. On that day, neo-Nazis, Christian Nationalist, and other Fascists assaulted drag events in multiple cities almost simultaniously and held at least one standalone hate
protest as well.

This march appears to be Patriot Front, they linked up with Proud Boys in black and gold to invade the entire neighborhood of a scheduled drag show in Columbus, Ohio

Counterprotesters defend Ft Lauderdale from anti-trans hate rally and Proud Boys

On the 3ed of December, the Proud Boys, so-called "Gays against Groomers" "Moms4Liberty," and other far rights extremists rallied on the beach in Ft Lauderdale, FL to support DeSantis's attacks on transgender folks. Counterprotesters matched their turnout, and repeatedly drove Proud Boys out of the counterprotest site. Soon,the fascists tired and left, leaving the pro-LGBTQ contingent in posession of the field.

Video: standing up to bigots, chasing Proud Boys out of the counterprotest 5 min 29 sec

HAD ENOUGH after Colorado, bashing back is the order of the day