Reportback from DC March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy

On the 31st of March, the DC March for Queer and Trans Youth Autonomy went from Union Station to the Capitol. Defying violent death threats, hundreds of marchers showed up.

Video of the march by Iron Snowflake 2 min 49 sec

Transgender Day of Vengeance event cancelled due to credible violent threats

Our Rights DC has released the statement below about an ugly storm of violent threats that forced cancellation of Saturday's DC Trans Day of Vengeance events:

Shut Down DC holds Stop Cop City protest at DOJ

On the 28th of March, Shut Down DC protested at the Dept of Justice, demanding a Federal investigation into Georgia's human rights abuses over the Cop City project in Weelaunee Forest. At this time eight attendees at the march 5 music festival there are still being held without bond over muddy shoes or legal support numbers written on their arms.

Photo by Benjamin Goloff

Tiktok ban bill S 686 threatens ALL sites and ALL users

DC Indymedia could be directly targetted by S686 (AKA the RESTRICT act), the bill supposedly intended to ban tiktok but as written can be used to ban ANY website. Still worse, connecting to a banned site using a VPN or presumably tor or other workarounds would become a felony.

Video by explaining what S686 would really do 54 sec

Police Contingent disrupts Tampa Pride parade, back half rocks anyway

On the 25th of March, Tampa FL's Pride parade took to the streets. The Nazis who harassed a Pride event the previous night were nowhere to be seen, but trouble came from another kind of Fascists. After the Mayor, a drum section, and a warship/pirate ship themed float for a health group had passed came the police contingent. They circled and circled on motorcycles, stopping all behind them while the parade route emptied.