Rallying at the Woodner for rent cancellation in face of pandemic job losses

Building security photographing tenants at the protest


MPD protecting the Woodner from their own tenants


Banner drop from inside


Yes, we have these (both kinds...)

Still from Chuck Modi's video of the bike ride departing from the African-American history museum, bound for Malcolm X Park

Part of the defenses of the US Capitol

In front of Marc Elrich's house-in drenching rain

Most of the protesters marched away afterwards, but a "bird-dogging" team stayed behind

Still from Ford Fischer video

Portland: gun momentarily aimed at Anishinaabe woman's head by JPMorgan Chase security


Marching to the Capitol for covid relief. Fence is at edge of Mall prior to 3ed St

Demands of the march and rally


Razor-wire topped fence and National Guard troops still defend the US Capitol. MAGAts/Qanon talking March 4 repeat attack


On the Mall

Asians are NOT a virus

The march sets out


Ending of the march in Chinatown