Still from C-span video of the protest

Still from Zachary Petrizzo video band playing on 9th st near the DOJ


Protester right behind the speakers(photo by Kate Kantrell)

Nellies "Closed"-but staff inside and all the TVs on on July 17

Still from Chuck Modi video of human chain blockade of Nellie's Sports Bar on July 14

Blockaders locked to mock oil rig and windmill

Blockaders against Mountain Valley Pipeline locked to Black Snake segment


Kayak blockade against oil extraction in Alaska


Black Snake at the White House


Closeup of windmill blockade. In some blockades where extraction attempts are expected, these barrels get filled with 1,000+ pounds of concrete.


Locked down against a pandemic of climate chaos

ATV riders at Nellie's

Dirt bikers smoke it up


Partying in the streets just before the finale arrived


This place used to be packed on weekend evenings. NOT ANY MORE!

Photo by "Wayward Streamer"

The DC Contingent

Generation of Fire


"Half kettle" bike line across 15th st at I st. This caused protesters on the move to return to and re-establish a blockade that had been lifted


Two apparent arrests

Moral Mondays march from the Supreme Court to the US Capitol

Starting rally at the US Supreme Court


Blockade at 1st st NE and Constitution Ave


Cops move in to make arrests

Still from Ford Fischer video of the MAGAts at DC Jail