Banging a pot outside the DC Jail

Noisy reminder to jail bosses than prisoners (and prisoner uprisings) have support on the outside


Earlier: the Million Moe march gogo starts on BLM Plaza


The gogo arrives on U st

Stop Police Terror Project photo of the evening noise demo at Nellie's

Still from Nee Nee Tay's video of the violent security asault on a Black woman inside Nellie's Sports Bar


Protest continued well into the night (photo by Chuck Modi)

Posters and graffiti on Nellie's after the protest/block party ended

Cops extracting religious extremists from their attempt to counterprotest Pride

Bike cops swarm into Dupont but stay out of most of the park


Pride participants followed the fundamentalists out and continued to heckle them

Scene in front of the Embassy of the Phillipines (photos redacted as Duterte is infamous for murder and there are active insurgencies in the Phillipines against him)

Marching to the Embassy of the Phillipines

Telemundo's photo of the rally at the Arlington County Government Center

Protesters fill the street in front of Mitch McConnell's house demanding voting rights and an end to the filibuster

Another view of the massive crowd protesting and dancing at Mitch McConnell's house