ALL of these planters installed to block unhoused people from returning have been removed by the community

By midnight Aug 7-8, all of the planters were gone-and so was the GoFundMe begging for money to replace them after they all were liberated

Midnight rally against the return of evictions. Some of these protesters have been sleeping outside the US Capitol

The scene outside Nellie's Sports bar almost 9 weeks after their security dragged Keisha down the stairs over Pride weekend

Cops and snowplows seek to isolate the scene outside Nellies


Cops seek to disrupt the protests with bright lights and noisy snowplow engines


Status of the demands against Nellies as of August 3 2021


Sat night, 24 hours after the protest: only a few more customers busting the boycott than on Friday night


If THIS is Nellies on Saturday night when protesters are not on site, they are not doing well. U st as a whole has been PACKED

Marching on the headquarters of the Gaithersburg police

Protesters at the Gaithersburg police station's headquarters


At the Gaithersburg headquarters of th Montgomery County Police

The totem pole as seen from behind the stage

Lockdown blocks drilling under river on July 29

Snowplows attempt to charge into the intersection held by protesters in front of Nellie's Sports Bar

Protesters met the attack head-on, the snowplow drivers halted, refusing like the famous tank driver at Tianaman Square to run them down

Where's the bear mace and Thin Blue Line flags on poles used to beat the cops?

Protesters move in on the Hart building

The scene as some of the preachers "knock on the doors" demanding entry


Cops responding to the protest, which got ahead of them in going to the Hart building


Huge line of protesters in the civil disobedience faced arrest