Proud Boys attempt to storm BLM Plaza, chant "Fuck Antifa" as MPD holds them back to keep the community from going to war (still from RawsMedia video)

Still from Brendan Gutenschwager's video of Proud Boys trying to storm through the police line

Scene at Freedom Plaza as a Trumper dares to speak of Normandy and D-Day

At BLM Plaza before the harassment started


bracing for invasion: furiously finishing boarding up before the storm hits


Danger: armed fascists in town


This man became aggressive towards defenders of BLM Plaza. Defenders said he was a member of the Proud Boys


NY Post invokes "war" as Georgia runoff vote decides the future of the Senate


Rawsmedia got this photo of a Trump supporter with alt-right/neo-Nazi symbol Pepe the Frog on a shield

Harry's Bar and Hotel Harrington will CLOSE Jan 5-6 to protect their own staff from dangerous, violent fascists

Hotel Harrington's statement: they are closing and refunding all deposits for Jan 4-6 reservations

This man tried to tear down a sign at the temporarily repositioned Black Lives Matter Plaza vigil, only to be escorted out by cops

"Stop the Steal" protest remnants still on 1st st across from the US Capitol. More were seen leaving the area with signs


The fence going up surrounding the US Capitol after the previous day's capture of the building by invading fascists

Photo by Melissa

Fascist Trumpers smash their way into the Capitol through a window

More MAGAs enter the Capitol through a door deliberately opened by a GOP staffer (5th column behavior)


"Backing the Blue" by firing pepper mace at police


The fight on the Capitol steps before the building was stormed


About 5PM: several Proud Boys and other Trumpers held at bay by less than a dozen youth from SE DC defending BLM Plaza