Pro-Choice protesters face off with extreme right, theocrats as SCOTUS hears abortion case

On Dec 1, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Missisippi abortion law case. It is widely suspected that with Trump's "justices" on the court, this case will bring a destablizing end to Roe vs Wade. Outside, "warriors for Christ" and the "official street preachers" hate group attempted to disrupt a big pro-choice rally, while Liberty University and other theocrats held their own antichoice rally.

Video-some of the most unsavory of the antichoice elements, including a hate group member with a Confederate flag glove 1 min 11 sec

An antiabortion protesters displays a Confederate flag on his glove outside the Supreme Court

Local News

Video-brass band plays at Manchin protest 30 sec

Senator Joe Manchin (D?/W-VA) is the reason the GOP still has the filibuster available to block everything from paid family leave to climate/carbon legislation. He lives on the 3ed largest yacht at the Washington Yacht Club and has been a target of repeated protests. On the evening of Dec 2, Sunrise Movement showed up with a brass band on Maine Ave near his dock.

Video featuring the demands of Cancel the Rent DC 2 min 22 sec

On the 20th of November, Cancel the Rent DC marched on the suburban-style home of DC's Mayor Muriel Bowser. Activists were demanding the recently-expired moratorium on evictions be put back into force among other demands. An eviction notice is an especially nasty Yule present from any landlord.

Video-the boat blockade, the resulting traffic jams, and the difficulty cops had removing it 3 min 6 sec

On Friday, Nov 19, Extinction Rebellion DC staged a boat blockade of NY Ave halting right turns off I-395. This was over the failed COP 26 climate summit. By 8:20AM there was a report that backed up traffic jams.had blocked both the 14th st bridge and Memorial Bridge.

COP26 generated nothing but useless, unenforceable, and wateree down promises from the usual fossil fuel funded politicians.

The scene in front of Mitch McConnell's house as the People's filibuster began

Video-start of the People's Filibuster 2 min 4 sec

On the 14th of November, activists began an over 25 hour "People's Filibuster" outside Sen Mitch McConnell's DC home on Capitol Hill. Speakers, music, and videos were scheduled for 15 min slots, and a lecturn was set up in the streets complete with a time clock

DC Bike Party starts up out of Dupont Circle

On the 10th of November, the DC Bike Party took to the streets their hundreds-strong monthly ride

Video-highlights of the Nov 2021 DC Bike Party 1 min 17 sec

Free Them All protest demands release (not transfer) for every inmate at DC Jail

Video-reading demands, naming and shaming over DC Jail 1 min 32 sec

On the 10th of November, anti-prison activists pounced on the reports that the DC Jail expelled no less than the US Marshalls during a suprise inspection that found "inhumane conditions." Instead of moving a few hundred inmates hundreds of miles from their families, activists are demanding that all inmates at the DC Jail be released and judges STOP sending people into pretrial detention etc.