September 2022

Extinction Rebellion DC targets Public Service Commission over Washington Gas project

Early morning on the 21st of September, Extinction Rebellion DC showed up in front of the offices of the so-called "Public Service Commission." They painted a street murel renaming it the "Department of Climate Chaos" for failing to shut down Washington Gas's proposed $4.5 billion distribution pipe replacement plan.

Photo by Extinction Rebellion DC

Identifying with that which Is Prior to Consciousness

Awoke early and watched random thoughts crawl through the mind, before moving the body in the direction of the showers at Building Bridges homeless shelter in Ukiah, California.  This segued to bottom lining the trash & recycling chore, which then prompted a trip to the nearby laundromat.  Returned to the homeless shelter with the laundry squeaky clean, put on a cap and sunglasses, and headed out for a breakfast burrito and cup o' coffee at the Ukiah Co-op.  Next stop: the Ukiah Public Library.  Right this moment am on a public computer at p

Protesters disrupt "Heartbeat of Miami" fake clinic network's fundraising dinner

On the evening of the 17th of September, the infamous “Heartbeat of Miami” fake clinic network held a fundraising dinner at Trump National Doral on the outskirts of Miami. While some protesters held a presence outside, two went inside to disrupt the event, got into the ballroom,and raised a ruckus. They were then grabbed by a mixture of Proud Boys, “Trump Police” and actual cops. They were then arrested on spurious charges as seems to be common in Miami.

Video from protest outside including still transmitted from inside 1 min 30 sec

DC Bike Party holds big September ride

The DC Bike Party's September ride was a big one, bikes as far as the eye could see on Mass Ave at one point.

Video-bikes as far as the eye can see 1 min 10 sec

Sen Lindsey Graham gets home demo over his Federal abortion ban bill

On the 14th of September, protesters targetted GOP Senator Lindsey Graham for the seccond day in a row over his introduction of a bill to ban abortion in all 50 states after 15 weeks. This time around, protesters went to his house not far from the US Capitol.

Video highlights of the Lindsey Graham home demo 1 min 25 sec

So-called "Susan B Anthony" forced birth ball featuring Lindsey Graham draws furious protest

On the 13th of September, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks. He then showed up at the so-called "Susan B Anthony" ball-a militantly antichoice event that this year is celebrating the Supreme Court legalizaing forced-birth laws w the Dobbs decision. Furious protesters outside made attendees (Graham included) run a gauntlet of screaming activists to get in.

Video including Lindsey Graham spotted by protesters and yelled at 2 min 7 sec

Gov. Ron DeSantis -- The New Nixon -- Cover-up Worse than the Crime

How similar is Gov. Ron DeSantis’ cover-up of the felony forgeries of Chief of Special Prosecutions (Fl 20th Judicial Circuit), Anthony Kunasek, Esq. and State's Attorney Amira Fox to Watergate?  Especially in light of the Governor's suspension of State Attorney Andrew Warren for simply exercising prosecutorial discretion. Affidavit filed in Warren v. DeSantis,  USDC N.D.

DeSantis cover-up of felony courthouse forgery by a State Attorney.

Truist's fancy netting removed, posters installed at Adams-Morgan Plaza

Late night on the 10th of September, supporters of Adams-Morgan Plaza removed most of Truist Bank's fancy netting concealing the still-existing plaza from public eyes. They also hung posters condemning Truist Bank's murderous behavior in closing the Plaza, which was responsible for the death of an unhoused DC resident last Spring.

Fence is still up but most of the fancy netting concealing the People's Plaza is gone

Police harass protesters at "Justice" Alito's house over "noise"

On the 8th of September, protesters again returned to the home of Supreme Court Justice and "witchburner" Samuel Alito. For the first time, Fairfax County police showed up with a dB meter and complained about sound levels.

Video of interaction between Fairfax cops and protesters over sound levels 44 sec

"No Sacrifice Zones" protest demands Manchin's pipeline side deal to climate bill be scrapped

On the 8th of September, opponents of destructive fossil fuel projects and especially the Mountain Valley Pipeline descended on Capitol Hill. They are seeking to block Senate approval of Manchin's climate bill side deal to "streamline" permitting for fossil fuel projects and "expedite" the Mountain Valley pipeline. One managed to confront Manchin in person.

Video highlights of the rally including Manchin being questioned in person 1 min 45 sec

Photo by Appalachian Voices

Pro-LGBTQ activists confront Proud Boys, fash as extreme right pressures Miami-Dade school board to drop Pride Month

On the 8th of September, the Miami-Dade County school board held a revote on the question of whether to designated October as LGBTQ month. This has been approved before, but now three school board members opposed by Fl Governor DeSantis had been replaced. Both inside and out the far-right hectored them to drop Pride Month. Meanwhile, LGBTQ activists testified inside for keeping Pride Month, and counterprotested Proud Boys and other fascists outside.

Video-confronting Proud Boys and other fascists at the school board 3 min

Proud Boys throw "white power" hand signs outside the school board meeting


On the 5th of September, the DropKiwiFarms campaign announced victory! The anti-LGBTQ/anti-neurodivergent doxxing and hate site kiwifarms(dot)net had just been booted off Cloudflare for "imminent threat to human life," and less than 24 hours later their backup Russian DDOS protection (DDOSguard) also booted them.