September 2022

1776/Convoy MAGAts attempting to take over ten-four DC trucker rally

Once a year, the "ten-four DC" trucker rally sets up on the Mall, polishing and showing off their semis and talking to the public about trucking industry issues and concerns. This year they have a problem: the far-right/antivax/1776 movement convoy MAGAts are trying to take it over.

Video: Ten-Four DC on the mall, confirmed 1776'er present 1 min

This truck w anti-vax slogans was also in DC during a March 25 "convoy" run through the city

"Justice" Alito called out as illegitimate at home demo

On the 29th of September, protesters outside Supreme Court "Justice" Alito's home emphasized that he and the Supreme Court are now considered illegitimate by tens of millions if not more. He and Roberts had been whining about this growing realization on social media. This in turn told protesters what to focus on.

Video-calling out Alito, SCOTUS as illegitimate 48 sec

Defend Atlanta Forest comes to DC Oct 3

On Monday, the 3ed of October, touring activists from the Defend the Atlanta Forest/Stop Cop City campaign will be holding an event in DC at Eaton House 1203 K st NW 6:30-8:30PM.

Mont County cops bluster threats at Kavanaugh home demo participants

On the 28th of September, protesters returned to the homes of Supreme Court "Justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts. At Kavanaughs, one cop hissed threats for clicking drumsticks, another got on the PA and read out a "warning" implying use of "amplified sound" which drums are not by anyone could lead to arrests of everyone. Protesters kept the action going.

Video including multiple threats from the cops 4 min 23 sec

This cop was the only one using sound amplification equipment-the PA in his car

Cops aggressively defend counterprotest against J6 "solidarity" rally

On the 24th of September, J6 insurgents and their supporters returned to DC for the 2nd September in a row. There may have been as few as 80 of them. Two large groups of Proud Boys were spotted outside the city but may have flaked out or othewise not made it in. Cops aggressively fended off and attempted to kettle counterprotesters.

Video: police aggressively defend embarassingly small pro-J6 rally from counterprotesters 1 min 22 sec

Photo by Sadie

Harriet's Dreams protests at MPD Chief Contee's HOUSE over recent shootings by cops

On the 23ed of September, Harriet's Dreams showed up to protest at the homes of MPD (DC police) chief Contee. They were there to protest recent shootings by DC cops.

Video originally posted to Twitter by Harriet's Dreams 51 sec

Photo by Harriet's Dreams

Fridays for the Future holds another climate strike action by the Capitol

On the 23ed of September, the "Fridays for the Future" youth climate strike returned to the area around the US Capitol. In addition to demands directly concerning fossil fuels, demands were made for recognition of Indigenous concerns related to fossil fuel extraction, and for cancelling debts in the Global South in return for the cancellation of fossil fuel projects whose outputs would otherwise go to repayment of those "debts."

Video-Speaker from Our Rights DC on colonization, fossil fuel extraction, and Indigenous rights 3 min 58 sec

Photo by Alex Murphy

MVP Protesters at FERC attempt to scale walls w ladder for banner hang

On the 22nd of September, protesters against Manchin's planned fast-track approval of the long-stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) showed up at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). A serious attempt to get up the side of the building by ladder for a banner hang was defeated by police interference but the point was still made.

Video by John Zangas of cops trying to pull away the ladder 29 sec

Photo by John Zangas

We Bow Before Our Martyrs (Ed note: Defending Armenia)

AN EDITORIAL ISSUED IN CROSSROADS, THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE PRELACY OF THE ARMENIAN APOSTOLIC CHURCH (NY, NY)  Armenia marked the 31st anniversary of its independence on September 21, yet this is not a moment to celebrate. In the short yet eventful life of the third republic, this is one of the darkest moments, with the drums of war beating ever more loudly around the region.    An island of democracy and civilization, Armenia is flanked by its opposites.

Putin may have dug his own grave too deep for negotiations over Ukraine to pull him out

A diplomatic end to this war with or without Ukraine joining NATO means Putin joins the ranks of Russian dictators who have lost expensive wars.Next to go historically has been their heads. Putin digs his grave deeper and deeper every time he loses a battle, eventually he will push the people of Russia one step too far. His "partial mobilization" of 300,00 reservists has already led to "mass protests" in Moscow with thousands of arrests. Wonder if these are just protests or something more,like the desperately needed riots? Don't bet on the Washington Post for THAT answer, as what works in Moscow also works in Washington.

Has the West stopped diplomatic negotiations over Ukraine? Has the West stopped diplomatic negotiations over Ukraine? by David Goessmann, 9/6 A diplomatic end to the war remains possible. The decisive stumbling block for negotiations is Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO. 

Roberts, Kavanaugh get home demos in still-running campaign

The so-called "Justices" of the Supreme Court are still getting protests at their homes over the death of Roe V Wade on the altar of right-wing Fundamentalist Christianity. On the 21st of September, protesters returned to the homes of "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh (AKA Rapey Brett) and John Roberts.

Video from raw clips by Mouse-protesters at Roberts, then Kavanaugh's houses 53 sec