August 2022

Seminole County, FL GOP headquarters trashed

On the morning of August 29, Seminole County GOP fascists found their headquarters tagged with “Eat Shit Fascists.” In addition the locks were glued, forcing the GOP MAGAts to break into their own office by the back door.

Pro-choice activists chalk Supreme Court lower plaza after big fence removed

On the 29th of August, the Supreme Court's security forces removed the big "siege fence" that had been up since shortly after the May leak of the draft version of the antichoice Dobbs ruling. Activists descended on the plaza to chalk up pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, and anti-Fascist messages.

TX: Armed antifascists block MAGA/Proud Boys from attacking drag brunch

On Aug 28, a drag brunch in Roanoke, Texas sold out every last seat in spite of fascists showing up to protest. One of the "protesters" was a Proud Boy armed with a barbed wire wrapped bat. Crazy MAGAts and Proud Boys have stormed drag events earlier this Summer, but this time around, the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club was on the scene, fully armed with modern rifles. Their role was defense against and prevention of far-right violence, and their mission worked. The drag brunch was a huge success and the intended disruption a total failure.

Video by Steven Monacelli: one of the right wingers tries to start shit with the cops, gets no response 1 min 50 sec

Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club armed and ready if the Proud Boys want violence-Photo by Steven_Monacelli

Update: SEIU strike at AU ends in labor victory and contract

Not long after students walked out of convocation, the AU management signed a contract with SEIU

Protesters at Alito's house again invoke Matthew Hale and witch burning

On the 27th of August, protesters returned to the N Va home of Supreme Court "Injustice" Samuel Alito yet again. This time around, the protest focussed on Alito's use of Matthew Hale's writings as source material for the Dobbs/abortion ruling. Protester, one dressed as a "Halloween Witch" called out Matthew Hale's executions of women for witchcraft.

Video from raw clips by Mel 1 min 58 sec

Photo by Mel

Protesters at Fraternal Order of Police demand DC get killer cops off the streets

On the 26th of August,protesters showed up at the DC offices of At the the HQ of the Fraternal Order of Police. This was called "America’s most violent fraternity" as protesters demanded that the DC government or MPD itself get killer cops off the streets. The FPO is infamous for defending killer cops from investigation, prosecution, or even being fired for their crimes.

Video-a speakers calls out cops for beating/shooting first Black man they see when responding to calls about shootings/guns 27 sec

Photo by Shut Down DC

SEIU out on strike at AU as students move in

On the 22th of August, SEIU-organized staff members at American University walked out on strike demanding decent pay and benefits. The strike is ongoing and everyone is being reminded NOT to cross picket lines

Video-students walk out of Convocation in solidarity w strikers 7 sec

Photo by SEIU

NPS destroys unhoused camp at 9th and I by Convention Center

On the 24th of August, the National Park service attacked an unhoused camp at 9th and I near the Convention Center, destroying tents and belongings, then fencing off the park. The excuse given for it is "turf rehabilitation" meaning grass is considered more important than people's lives

Video: before and after the attack 13 sec, two clips by Annemarie Cuccia

This fence is of light material, vulnerable to righteous removal with small cutting tools and gloved hands.

Loud noises banned, protesters blow bubbles at Kavanaugh, Roberts home demos

On the 24th of August, protesters returning to the weekly Kavanaugh and Roberts home demos brought a twist: children's bubble guns. With police having threatened arrest for the drums and bullhorns normally used, protesters brought out something else to show how ridiculous these rules are.

Video-blowing bubbles at Kavanaugh's house 2 sec

Photo by Nikki E

Pro-choice activists protest at White House demanding Biden declare a health emergency for abortion care

On the 23ed of August, pro-choice protesters showed up in front of the White House with a single demand: that US President Joe Biden follow through with his earlier remarks about declaring a state of Public Heath Emergency over abortion access.

Video: pro-choice protesters in front of the White House 3 min 27 sec

Photo by Mel

Patriot Front Posters pulled down, burned in Lakeland, FL

Some time before August 23, Patriot Front polluted downtown Lakeland, FL with their usual racist and fascist posters. They didn’t last long. Anti-Fascists activists tore down and burned what was still visible on Aug 23, but the City of Lakeland’s graffiti removal teams and/or local citizens had already taken care of much of the problem. The remnants found on Aug 23 were turned into Patriot Front fondue with fire and a steel pot.

Video: pulling down Patriot Front's trash and burning it 1 min 36 sec

Protesters disrupt DeSantis "Education Tour" event as Proud Boys glower outside

On the 21st of August, Florida's religious extremist governor Ron DaSantis held a campaign rally at of all places Metro-Dade Firefighters Local 1403. The rally was for his far-right agenda in the schools and school board candidates he supports. Two protesters managed to get inside and disrupt the event while Proud Boys tried and failed stop more protests from being held outside.

Video including disruption of DeSantis speech, protests and counterprotests outside 2 min 9 sec

The protest against DeSantis (Photo by Jonathan DeCamps)