May 2022

NPS evicts unhoused camp at Union Station/Columbus Circle

On June 1, the National Park Service raided the unhoused tent camp at Columbus Circle in front of Union Station. They loaded tents into a trash truck, reports are the occupants of the tents had sucessfully moved with some of their gear to other camps. Anything people were unable to carry away was destroyed by the Park Service. Not a single person was placed in any form of indoor housing.

Update June 2:One woman stood her ground and refused to move at the end of the eviction. Park Police first tasered her, then committed her against her will to a psychiatric facility (like the Soviet Union used to do.)

Video-NPS pulls down tents, load them into garbage trucks 52 sec

Protesters at Alito's house invoke Matthew Hale's witchcraft executions

"Justice" Alito wrote the draft Supreme Court majority opinion to overturn Roe V Wade. In it he quotes 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft and played a major role in estabilishing that it was legal for married men to rape their wives. On the 30th of May, protesters outside Alito's home invoked all of this, chanting "We are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!"

Video-protesters chant "we are the witches Matthew Hale couldn't burn!" 40 sec

Protesters in front of "Justice" Alito's house-AGAIN!

DOJ probe of fake elector plot seeks information about Trump’s top lawyers and advisers

Justice Department prosecutors have subpoenaed information about some of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers and closest advisers as part of their criminal investigation into efforts to put forward fake slates of electors in the 2020 election, a source familiar with the inv

Kavanaugh,Roberts get home demos for 4th week in a row

On the 25th of May, Supreme Court "Justices" Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts got a 3ed round of Wednesday night home demos. They also were protested on the night of Sat. May 7 making this the 4th week in a row.

Video by Downright Impolite (5 sec)

Kavanaugh, Roberts get more home demos

On the 18th of May, the growing Summer of Rage continued. One day after Florida's governor tried to ban these protests from 1,000 miles away in the wrong state, protesters returned to the homes of "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh and John Roberts.

Video from in front of Kavanaugh's house originally posted to Twitter by "Downright Impolite" 10 sec

Still from Twitter video by Downright Impolite

Protesters rally at Dept of Injustice against planned extradition of Julian Assange

On the 17th of May, protesters showed up at the so-called "Department of Justice" to demand that the US cease and desist its efforts to extradite Julian Assange. Julian Assange is one of the founder of Wikileaks, where embarrassing leaks governments try to keep secret are published. One of these was the famous "Collateral Murder" video from Afghanistan showing a US gunship shooting up an ambulance.

Video highlights of the rally 1 min 28 sec

Still from video by John Zangas

Extinction Rebellion DC disrupts DC Council Chair candidate's forum over $5B gas project

On the 16th of May, Extinction Rebellion again targetted DC Government support for Washington Gas's proposed $5 billion pipeline replacement project. This time, they disrupted a candidate's forum for DC City Council chair candidates. Rather than answer questions raised by XRDC, organizers simply ended the event early.

Video-questioning the candidate's forum about the value of any other issue on an unstable planet.

Video-two weeks of fury in the streets greet leaked SCOTUS draft decision to kill Roe

Video of two weeks of fury in front of the Supreme Court, at the homes of Supreme Court "justices," at marches in Florida (an antiabortion state), and more. Includes failed attempt by LAPD to arrest anticapitalist pro-choice marchers, and the effects of the fire/molotov attack on an antichoice group's HQ building in Madison, WI.

Video-Two weeks of fury in the streets after SCOTUS leaks draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade 2 min 39 sec

Faceoff against the far-right at a march for abortion rights. Cops protecting the far-right as always

Pro Choice marchers take to the streets in DC and nationwide

On the 14th of May, furious pro-choice protesters marched on the Supreme Court-and on Federal courthouses all over the so-called "United States" in the "Bans off our bodies" marches. In DC, the marches were followed by protests at the homes of multiple anti-choice Supreme Court "Justices."

Video: Bans off Our Bodies marches in DC and Orlando FL,plus the home demos at Roberts and Kavanaugh's homes 1 mn 50 sec

DC March on final approach to Supreme Court (photo by John Zangas)

GOP Governors of MD and VA demand enforcement of old law prohibiting protests to "influence" judges

On the 12th of May, the Washington Post reported that MD GOP Governor Hogan and VA GOP Governor Youngkin are demanding that the Federal DOJ enforce an obscure 1950 Federal law criminalizing any and all protests aimed at "influencing" judges in pending cases. This is an effort to suppress peaceful protests at the homes of SCOTUS judges who are about to take away the rights of women and of LGBTQ folks to control their own bodies.

Trump's "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets a pro-choice home demo

On the 11th of May, "performance artists" in Handmaid's Tale outfits showed up at the suburban home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett. Staging a performace art means local prohibitions on residential protests cannot be enforced.

Video originally posted to Twitter by Virginia Allen 31 sec

Still from Virigina Allen's Twitter video

Pro-choice activists march on Capitol for Women's Health Protection Act

On the 11th of May, the Senate is scheduled to hold a hasty vote on the Women's Health Protection Act, a proposed Federal statue to do the same job as the previous Roe v Wade Supreme Court ruling. The evening before, activists marched from the Supreme Court to demand that the Senate pass this bill.

Video of the march and another argument w antichoice theocrats 3 min 17 sec