October 2020

MPD Lt Bagshaw refuses to speak to Karon Hylton's mother on Night 4 of protests

On the 30th of October, Lt Bagshaw (w NO mask) showed up at the 4D protests for Karon Hylton. He repeated refused to answer questions from Karon's mother, ultimately causing the situation to escalate yet again. At least one arrest reported.

Video: Bagshaw won't answer questions for Karon's mother and protesters 1 min

Lt Bagshaw showed up, but refused to talk

Protests at 4D continue, one arrest and much police aggression

On the evening of Oct 29, protesters returned to MPD's 4th District headquarters in spite of the previous night's police brutality and rain left over from remnants of Hurricane Zeta. Police maneuvered as though to kettle protesters, and one arrest was reported by midnight.

Black House News video of scene at 4D 34 sec

Still from Black House News video

The Shortwave Report 10/30/20 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, NHK Japan, and Radio Deutsche-Welle.http://www.outfarpress.com/swr201030.mp3   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB} http://www.audioport.org/index.php?op=producer-info&uid=904&nav=&)        From SPAIN- Chileans overwhelmingly

4D police headquarters gets bombardment and siege from Karon Hylton protesters

The 28th of October saw a second night of protest and heavy direct action at MPD's 4D headquarters for Karon Hylton. As riot cops blocked night culminated in a massive fireworks blast against the building. An attempt to kettle the crowd failed, cops ended up just pushing everyone south on Ga Ave.

Video-bombardment of 4D with projectiles and fireworks 1 min 21 sec

The fireworks explosion against 4D at it's peak

Businesses already boarding up in expectation of election day riots

With a week to go until the official 2020 election day (excluding mail/early voting), many building owners and businesses are already boarding up as though in expectation of a great storm. The storm in question is expected protests over a disputed election, and fears these could erupt into rioting or street battles.

Protesters beseige MPD 4D station, smash windows. Both parents of Karon Hylton maced

On Tuesday, Oct 27, Karon Hylton's parents showed up at MPD's 4D station, demanding to see the officer (Officer Sutton) who killed their son on Saturday. Community residents protested outside in support. Something happened that infuriated protesters. They surrounded the door, smashed the station's windows and Ga Ave blew up. Soon, riot cops were detonating flashbangs and firing tear gas. During the protest, both of Karon Hylton's parents were maced by police.

Video posted by Toni to twitter-cops mace Karon's Mom 44 seconds

Riot cops on Georgia Ave

Barrett supporters strip Black Lives Matter signs from BLM Plaza fence

On Oct 26, Trump's SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in after a highly irregular confirmation hearing. Anti-abortion, pro-theocracy supporters of her stripped signs from the fence at BLM Plaza as part of their celebration of her installation to the US Supreme Court. One Twitter poster said simply "it's ON!"

Video-Right-wingers rip down signs at BLM Plaza 28 sec(Myra Slotnick)

April Goggins photo of BLM PLaza fence after ACB supporters stripped it

Premature Deaths,Profiteering, Abuse: US Nursing And Assisted Living

Premature Deaths,Profiteering, Abuse: US Nursing And Assisted Living


Scrum at the Supreme Court as GOP rams Barret confirmation vote through Senate

On the evening of October 26, GOP Senators rammed through the final confirmation vote to install Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court 52-48, a party line vote. As they did so, women's rights activists protested while supporters of Christian theocratic fundamentalism celebrated.

Video-confrontations outside the Supreme Court 2 min 53 sec

Solo protesters chains herself to Supreme Court against Amy Coney Barrett nomination

On the 25th of October, the U$ $enate prepared for an all-night session to pave the way for a final vote to ram Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. As they did so, a single protester chained herself to the Supreme Court, saying NO to this misogynistic and homophobic excuse for a "justice."

Photo by Alg0rhythm

Police commit petty crimes against Fuck the Police march

On the 24th of October, the They/Them "Fuck the Police" march again took to the streets. While no arrests were seen, police committed a variety of petty crimes around the march. An umbrella was stolen by police, some barricade material of unknown origin was thrown by police into the 18th st restaurant area, cops tried to blind cameras with lights, and there were a number of low level assaults committed by police as well.

Video of cop shining bright light at Indymedia videographer's camera 20 sec

Two MPD "police officers" with umbrella stolen from protesters

Duelling protests greet highly irregular Sen committee vote to confirm Barrett

The 22nd of October saw duelling protests at the Supreme Court, Rayburn Building, and Capitol after a rushed Senate Judiciary Committee vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett 12-0. All Democrats boycotted the hearing. Twice Sen Lindsey Graham defined Senate rules to hold the vote.

Video: The US Capitol rally and disruption of right-wing events 2 min 8 sec

A loud sound system disrupted and may have played a role in driving off a right-wing rally at the Supreme Court. Songs played included The Coup "We got the gullotine." Right-wingers decamped to a new rally site at the Dirksen.