October 2019

Anniversary of Kashoggi's dismemberment murder earns day of protest at Saudi Embassy

The 2nd of October was the anniversary of the brutal murder and dismemberment of Saudi/Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Once in daytime and a second time after dark, protesters showed up at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia demanding that Crown Prince Mohommad Bin Salman be held responsible for this crime. Trump has done nothing to condemn this crime, no doubt wishing he too could butcher unfriendly journalists.

Video: Code Pink denounces Saudi Arabia as "terror state, NBC journalist warns media "is watching" Saudis 35 sec

The daytime protest at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

DC Abolition Coalition locks down at DOJ against prison horrors

On the 1st of October, protesters from the DC Abolition Coalition (prison abolition) locked themselves to ladders blocking all the vehicle driveways into or out of the Dept of Justice. Police used power tools recklessly and shook ladders while cutting them out of the 9th st side of the lockdown. They also threatened to knock out an African-American woman on top of one of the ladders.

Video: police use reckless tactics to remove locked-down protesters 7 min 42 sec

Cops recklessly push and pull on one of the locked down defenders. This made the ladders rock dangerously

Climate Strike DC September 27 2019 (video)

As part of the Global Climate Strike, #ShutDownDC visits some of DC's worst climate criminals--mega funders of fossil fuels BlackRock and WellsFargo, the EPA and Trump Hotel in DC.

YouTube Link


Outside Black Rock 

Outside the EPA

Trump International Hotel

 Outside Wells Fargo