May 2019

Coup supporters beat and choke activist attempting food delivery to beseiged Embassy of Venezuala, power cut off

Early morning on the 8th of May, activists supporting the Embassy Protection Collective attempted to deliver food to the besieged defenders of the Embassy of Venezuala. Supporters of US backed, self-declared Venezualan "President" Juan Guaido and his failed coup attempt beat and choked at least one of the activists trying to deliver food. They also used bright lights in an attempt to block anyone from getting video or photos of their violence.

Video from ground level of assault originally posted to Twitter by Max Blumenthal 47 sec

Update May 8: Power cut off to Embassy, Secret Service and utility workers seen entering manholes, raising fears that water would be cut off too. Several arrests of supporters outside. The US does to the embassy what they do to Venezuala

VOICES Coalition sets up pipeline octopus on Mall

On the 6th of May, the VOICES coalition set up an "octopus" of mock fracked gas pipelines on the Mall near 3rd st NW and Madison Drive NW. The pipelines symbolize FERC's abuses of power such as approving eminent domain for private gain and totally ignoring both climate and local impacts of fracking and pipelines.

Video showing the entire pipeline octopus 58 sec

Big rallies for control of Embassy of Venezuala end in continuing standoff

As of May 4, 2019, the standoff at the Embassy of Venezuala continues essentially unchanged after major mobilizations both by progressive activists to break the siege and by coup supporters to take over the building.

Update May 6:Unconfirmed report of pro-Coup "Gusanos" shining LASERS at Embassy defenders in possible attempt to inflict permanent eye damage

Update May 5:Code Pink is warning that if the Venezualan Embassy in DC falls, the government of Venezuala will probably take over the US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuala. They also warn the current US government would be likely to respond with an invasion of Venezuala.

HD video of a Code Pink "Thunder Run" through the incredible noise and press of coup supporters. 3 min 4 sec

View from the street, North side

FOOD deliveries to beseiged Embassy of Venezuala spark confrontations and arrests

On the 2nd of May, DC area progressive activists made a determined attempt to resupply the Embassy Protection Collective in the beseiged Venezualan Embassy. They were partially successful-some of the food got in, but confrontations and arrests resulted. One Code Pink activist has been charged with "throwing a MISSILE(!) for allegedly tossing food to the defenders inside the Embassy.

HD Video:Successful food delivery followed by attempts by Guaido supporters to gain control of both back doors 3 min 27 sec

Juan Guando supporters try to get control of both back doors after a successful food delivery. Apparently the False Ambassador was there and tried to exploit the situation.

DC celebrates Mayday with march, festival in Malcolm X Park

On May 1, DC area activists celebrated International Workers' Day with a march into followed by a festival in Malcolm X Park. This was overshadowed by the high drama at the Embassy of Venezuala, and those at the Mayday march closely monitored events there as the appearance of False Ambassador Carlos Vecchio generated warnings of a possible raid.

False Venezualan "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio leaves Embassy in defeat

On May 1st, defenders of the Embassy of Venezuala won a major victory over Guaido's "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio. Vecchio expected the SS to storm the building and hand it over to he and his staff. That did NOT occur on May 1, though the risk of it remains with the SS citing a "process." He tried to give a speech to his supporters, only to flee in defeat and disgrace after being shouted down by the defenders of the beseiged Embassy of Venezuala.

False "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio on right (in circled part of image) with the man who broke into the embassy and vandalized an office to his left, apparently as part of his security detail. Photo cropped and edited from Max Blumenthal photo

Pro-Guaido Protesters and Thugs Protected by the Secret Service Descend on the Venezuelan Embassy (Video)

Guaido supporters rally in front of the Venezuelan Embassy calling for the removal of the Embassy Protection Collective. Secret Service has allowed them control of the front door of the embassy and also full access to the back door where they are free to harrass, intimidate and block anyone trying to enter the embassy or record their actions. Supporters of the embassy residents have been corralled to the opposite side of the street, giving opposition thugs complete control of the perimeter of the embassy.

HoCo Green New Deal townhall

MEDIA ADVISORY / FOR PLANNING PURPOSESDATEContact: Iris Zhan, Hub Coordinator,, 410-917-3337 TITLE: Howard County Green New Deal Town Hall run by the youth Columbia, MD As climate change becomes a more urgent issue for Americans, the Green New Deal has never been more alive, which is why we are building grassroots momentum for the Green New Deal and discussing the opportunity the Green New Deal could bring for Howard Count