May 2017

Community demands removal of police, Wells Fargo, arms contractors from Capitol Pride Parade

On the 8th of May, the Capitol Pride board held a rare open community meeting as controversy swirled about the inclusion of MPD, Wells Fargo, arms contractors, MD live, and other inappropriate sponsors and contingents in the upcoming June 10 parade. Many people from marginalized groups showed up to ask pointed questions, the board's answers were long on words but almost completely empty of any commitments to take action.

Video-selected moments as community members question the Capitol Pride board

Victory at AU in sit-in over racist noose incident

On the 5th of May, students at American University stages a sit-in with three demands over the racist noose/banana incidents on campus. The university agreed to all three demands by the end of the day to end a siege that was preventing any cars from getting out of a parking garage

Photo by Alejandro Alvarez

"Unknown fascist" who harassed activist at Mayday protest identified as undercover cop

The brown shirted "suspected neo-Nazi" who harassed an activist at the Mayday protest on Freedom Plaza has been identified as an undercover cop. He and another undercover cop in similar dress were seen together at the outhouse where pigs rooted through feces to recover a cell phone. The brownshirted undercover who was mistaken for another kind of brown shirt attempted without success to induce an activist to discuss his case with bald-faced lies about the case. Both were seen getting physical on the side of the police in another incident.

This is the undercover who acted as the neo-Nazis have been acting in his use of a lie to try and induce a local activist to discuss his case. The lie used was the same one the fascists have been favoring for the past two weeks.

Solidarity protest for DisruptJ20 defendants condemns new and even more extreme charges

In the final week of April new and even more extreme charges were filed against many of the DisruptJ20 defendants, some now facing 8 felonies carrying a total of 100 years (!) imprisonment. At least one new defendant was charged as well. On May 1, while Mayday protests continued elsewhere in the city, activists converged on DC Superior Court to demand that both the new and the previously existing charges be dropped

Solidarity with the DisruptJ20 defendants! (Photo cropped and enhanced from photo on the ResistsThis twitter account)

Reportbacks from Mayday

DC's Mayday march was a two-part affair, beginning with an immigrant march from Mount Pleasant that linked up with a worker's march at Malcolm X Part before continuing to Freedom Plaza and a much larger immigrant rally at the White House. A third march started at Dupont Circle and proceeded directly to Lafayette Park. The Worker's March was marred by harassment from both neo-Nazis and police. Two protesters were detained but both were released as police could not find or fake any kind of probable cause.

Video from the Mayday marches in DC preceded by a stirring speech about the Mayday labor holiday's origins in 1886 (the Haymarker Martyrs)

The lead of the Worker's March pulls onto 16th st