May 2017

Park Police SWAT shuts down Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park

On the 27th of May, US Park Police, some in SWAT uniforms shut down a Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park. Other Black Pride events still going on. Reports on Twitter claim that the Capitol Pride organizers do not consider this incident to be grounds to expel police from marching in the Capitol Pride parade on June 10.

CISPES Solidarity Cyclers Ride returns to DC after 180 miles in 3 days

On the 29th of May, the CISPES Solidarity Ride returned to DC from 180 miles on the road by bike in three days. The ride raised over $17, 500 for the CISPES Education Fund, which supports community-based organizing in El Salvador. The Washington Peace Center reports some of this organizing will be efforts to resist border militarization in both Central America and in Mexico as being pushed by the US.

Video including interview with a participant and scenes from the last 10 miles of the ride

Riders at the finish line, the very end of a 3 day, 180 mile ride

Jack Posobiec sends fake "anarchists" with pro-censorship signs to net neutrality protest

On the 18th of May, activists holding a sit-in and rally at FCC headquarters for net neutrality noticed several folks trying to pose as anarchists, with signs calling for banning far-right websites. This message was in direct conflict with net neutrality. Jack Posobiec streamed this fake news of planted signs onto Twitter via their "periscope" service.

Video from Media Matters raw clips showing Rebel Media cameraman and fake pro-censorship protesters at 5-18 net neutrality protest

Alt-right fakes pose as anarchists with signs calling for banning far-right websites at net neutrality protest

G7 Could Move Financing for Famine Relief, Says Religious Development Group

As G7 leaders continue to meet in Taormina, Italy, relief groups like Oxfam International are intensifying calls for aid monies to address famine. Twenty million people are suffering the affects of famine and ‎the UN calls for $6.3 billion in aid.

Protesters disrupt confirmation hearing for Trump's FERC nominees, 4 arrests, 1 detained

On the 25th of May, protesters repeatedly disrupted a Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's nomineess to FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. One of the protesters was locked to a chair, and someone threw a loud noisemaker into the room.

Update May 26 7PM: Everyone is out of lockup, one facing possible jury trial, two no-papered, another activist was cited and released at the scene

Video-intense disruption of the FERC commissioners' confirmation hearing with protest continuing in the hall outside

A protester tied to a chair is dragged out of the hearing

UN Forum Focuses on Financing for Development Goals

United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed and the IMF's Christine Lagarde join world leaders for the Financing for Development (FfD) Forum at UN Headquarters. The meetings come almost two years after the Addis Ababa FfD Summit to implement the global SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals"Two years ago, world leaders made promises through the Addis Ababa Action Agenda to build a more responsible global financial system," notes Eric LeCompte who helped negotiate the outcomes and gave remarks during the closing sessions.

DC Zoning approval to "redevelop" Brookland Manor granted as residents protest displacement

On the 22nd of May, the DC Zoning Commission approved the "second stage PUD" to allow redeveloping Brookland Manor without any of the current larger family units and a reduction of over 100 units of affordable housing. This is to make way for over 1,000 small luxury units. Residents protested both outside and inside the hearing, some vowing to camp on or in DC officials and Mid City's own buildings if they lose their apartments.

Video-Brookland Manor tenants, allies vow to occupy city official's homes over just-approved "redevelopment"

March on Monsanto protests GMO's, white phosphorus

On the 20th of May, the annual March on Monsanto marched from the White House to Monsanto's DC corporate lobbying office on I st by the south side of Franklin Square. This time around, protesters were demanding not only an end to Monsanto's genetically modified crops and seed patents but also to their production of white phosphorus, sold to the US military and used in places like Gaza.

Reportback from March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

On the 19th of May, DC area activists staged a street march and series of vigils and flower layings to remember those killed by police and the FBI. Terrence Sterling's name came up a lot during the march. This was during National Police Week, when cops from all over Turtle Island come to DC to celebrate their crimes, get drunk, and sometimes even riot and damage hotel property.

Video highlights of the march

Marching in the streets to remember those killed by police-during National Police Week

Protesters at Turkish ambassador's house denounce Erdogan's violence and terror

On the 16th of May, Turkish dictator Erdogan's security forces beat and kicked peaceful pro-YPG and Armenian protesters near the Turkish Embassy.On the 19th of May, protesters returned to the Turkish ambassador's home near the embassy. They denounced both Erdogan's security squad's brutality in DC and routine similar behavior in Turkey. Kurdish activists and DC area antifascists were both present at this protest.

Breaking-Video emerges on Youtube with evidence Erdogen personally ordered the May 16th attack

Video of the brutal beating and kicking of peaceful protesters by Erdogan's security detail on May 16, 2017

Protesters target FCC while commission votes 2-1 to scrap net neutrality

On the 18th of May, the FCC met to vote on keeping existing net neutrality rules or scrapping them and starting a new rulemaking from scratch. Net neutrality protestrs set up outside to oppose the push for "fast lanes" and "toll roads" on the Internet. The FCC voted 2-1 to scrap net neutrality anway, so the fight is ON.

Photo by Protect Our Internet