January 2017

IWW blockades street in front of Whole Foods demanding reinstatement for Julia Flores

Julia Flores is a 15 year employee of the P St Whole Foods who was fired from her job for organizng workers and informing them about such laws as the minimum wage. On the 13th of January, Many Languages One Voice escalated the campaign demanding her job back by blocking the streets in front of another Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom. They were supported by the IWW in this picket..

Video of the IWW street blockade at Whole Foods

15 arrested in Hart Building in Close Gitmo protest

On the 11th of January, Witness Against Torture changed tactics in their annual protest on the anniversary of the opening of Guantanimo Bay. Instead of the annual "America's March of Shame" in the orange jumpsuits, they took over the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building and dropped banners from the balconies. Fifteen people were arrested.

Rex Tillerson confirmation hearing draws T-Rex themed protest and repeated disruption

On the 11th of January, former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson began his confirmation hearings as Trump's Secretary of State before Congress. Protesters dressed as T-Rex dinosaurs backed by a crowd from 350.org marched to the hearing site from Capitol Hill Exxon. Inside the Dirksen Building, other protesters repeatedly disrupted the proceedings.

Video of the T-Rex themed march from Capitol Hill Exxon to the Dirksen Builidng

Marching from Capitol Hill Exxon to the site of former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing as Trump's Secretary of State

Protesters dressed as KKK forcibly removed from Sessions confirmation hearing

On the 10th of January, Trump's attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions began his confirmation hearings before Congress. He was known 30 years ago as a KKK sympathiser and this came up in the hearings. He claimed he would support civil rights, but anti-Trump protesters begged to disagree. Several were removed from the hearing, including two Code Pink activists dressed as KKK members to mock Session's past. Both of the protesters in the hoods were arrested.

17 second clip showing Code Pink mocking Sessions dressed in hoods and robes,

Photo by CodePink

Witness Against Torture demands Obama close GITMO

On the 6th of January, Witness Against Torture held a protest near the White House demanding that Obama shut down Guantanimo Bay before he leave office. If GITMO is still open on Jan 20, Trump is expected to resume sending new detainees there. By pre-emptively closing it Obama can obstruct another part of Trump's fascist agenda.

Photo by Code Pink

Black Lives Matter disrupts Mayor Bowser at council swearing-in

On the 2nd of January, DC Mayor Bowser faced the "little Counterinaugural" as Black Lives Matter activists set up in front of her demanding answers about the police shootings of Terrence Sterling and Javon Hall. Three people were forcibly removed while the Mayor went on bragging about private security cameras-and even about the police body cameras whose footage she refuses to release in the Javon Hall case. The cop who shot Terrence Sterling had his camera turned off entirely.

Update Jan 4:Mayor Bowser releases police body camera footage of Javon Hall shooting after two days in a row of protests directed at her. Protest works!

Video-three DC residents dragged from swearing-in over Terrence Sterling and Javon Hall signs

Black Lives Matter disrupts Mayor Bowser for Javon Hall at Freshstart 5K

On the 1st of January, DC Mayor Bowser got an unpleasant surprise when she showed up at her very own Freshstart 5K walk. Family members and friends of Javon Hall backed by Black Lives Matter activists showed up. They were demanding she release the police body camera footage from when cops shot and killed Javon Hall on Dec 25, 2016. She turned her back and refused to face them.

Video by J2 originally posted to Twitter