January 2017

HD video of Greenpeace "resist" banner hang near Trump's White House

HD Video (720p) of the Greenpeace "resist" banner hang from a 270 foot crane that appeared to float over the White House when viewed from the south

A View From the Rear: A Reportback From the Back of the Black Bloc

For various personal reasons I was unwilling to risk arrest at the J20 inaugural festivities, but I couldn't stand to miss the action altogether. I compromised by trailing in the wake of the black bloc march, far enough behind to be safe, but close enough to make some pertinent observations.

Class-action lawsuit over the mistreatment of inauguration protesters

A lawyer who was providing legal support to Inauguration Day protesters in Washington sued police Friday over claims the authorities responded disproportionately with mass arrests, pepper spray and batons in response to the unrest that swept across downtown. The lawsuit was filed in Washington federal district court just hours after President Donald Trump took the oath of office. The inaugural ceremony kicked off a wave of protests and vandalism across downtown Washington.

Metropolitan Police Department and U.S. Park Police officers, according to the lawsuit, surrounded a crowd near 12th and L streets and made arrests “without warning and without any dispersal order.” Benjamin Christopher Carraway, a Colorado criminal defense attorney, was the named plaintiff in the class action. The suit was filed on behalf of protesters, attorneys, legal observers, journalists and medics who, according to the complaint, were “subjected to this outrageous conduct by the defendants for no legitimate law enforcement reason.”

National Law Journal: http://www.nationallawjournal.com/id=1202777311810/On-Inauguration-Day-Suit-Alleges-Police-Abuses-at-AntiTrump-Protest?cmp=share_twitter&slreturn=20170025120024


Trump's Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline executive orders draw big emergency protest

On the 24th of January, "Fuhrer" Donald Trump signed executive orders to restart the Keystone XL approval process and attempt to ram through the Dakota Access Pipeline. At 5PM, with just 4 hours notice, protesters started gathering at the White House to denounce this reckless decision. What began at 5PM with hundreds swelled by nightfall to what several Twitter posters estimated as more than 1,500 protesters.

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Video from the start of the rally

Banners surrounded by the growing crowd

Urgent warning: Cops rooting through activist email accounts using stolen phones

https://twitter.com/georgejoseph94 is reporting evidence that police are using cell phones stolen from activists caught in the mass arrest at DisruptJ20 to log into email accounts of activists. Anyone with such an account needs to change their passphrase and lock out their former devices, and may want to close and replace the offending accounts RIGHT NOW if possible.

Jan 2017:The first Month of Resistance to Trump

Video compilation of protests and direct actions mostly in DC against Trump, against racism, and against fascism.

Video-23 Days of Resistance

Trump announces plans to proceed with DAPL

In one of his very first acts in office, Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer hinted Trump plans to proceed with the Dakota Access Pipeline. Shortly before 10PM on Jan 23, Trump's White House confirmed this plan. The Environmental Impact Statement process is now underway, buying time for the #NoDAPL campaign to target and drive away banks and investors funding the project. Trump will probably attempt to short-circuit this review with some kind of fast-track process.

Banners dropped over Beltway in Day 3 of Resistance to Trump's regime

Jan 22 is Donald Chump's 3rd day in office and acts of resistance continue. On I-495 (Capitol Beltway) between Ga Ave and Connecticut Ave a pair of banners were dropped, one facing each direction. The banner facing the eastbound lanes reads "Love Trumps Hate" and a banner facing the westbound lanes reads "Dump Trump." Trump is already becoming extraordinarily dangerous. His neo-Nazi buddy Richard Spencer (who got punched during the Inauguration) is challenging Trump to make overtly confronting anti-Fascist activists the first test of his reign. This is just like the old "first they came for the Communists" situation except that anarchists and other progressives are also being targetted.

Love Trumps Hate banner facing eastbound traffic on I-495. A traffic backup blocked a photo run on the Westbound lanes to get an image of the "Dump Trump" banner facing that way.

Trump protester shot by Neo-Nazi near Seattle Milo Yiannopoulos event-NO CHARGES

On the 20th of January, Breitbart news editor and alt-right(neo-nazi) leader Milo Yiannopoulos had a speaking event at U-WA disrupted by anti-Trump/anti-fascist protesters. A 50 year old Nazi turned shot one of the protesters, who is now in critical condition at a hospital with a gunshot wound in the abdomen. The police chose to neither identify the shooter nor file charges according to Twitter reports.

Women's march outdraws Trump's Inauguration

On the 21st of January, the Women's March, was declared by organizers to be the largest Inaugural protest in history, outdrawing Trump's "orange man" inaugural the day before. It was so but the orignal march route on the Mall was filled with rallygoers, forcing cancellation of the originally planned march. As a result,unoffical marches went past the White House, shut down Chinatown, and generally took over nearby streets.

Video of the "unofficial" march passing the White House and proceeding on H st

The "unoffiical" march past the White House

Video: Disrupt J20-The Day In Resistance

Video compilation of the days's events at the Counterinaugural/Disrupt J20 protests against Donald Trump. Checkpoint blockades, Alex Jones expelled, empty parade route, Richard Spencer punched, heroes rescue elder and disabled protester from police attack during Battle of K Street, limo burns, marches go on well into the night after a 7AM start. This is but the beginning of four long, hard years of utter fighting against every scrap of Trump's racist and fascist agenda.

Disrupt J20-The Day In Resistance