December 2016

Vigil held for Javon Hall, killed by DC Police on Dec 25

On the 25th of December, DC police shot and killed JavonHall. His mother say he was unarmed, DC police claim he had a knife but are refusing to release body camera footage that could prove this one way or the other. On Dec 30, family, friends, and Black Lives Matter activists remembered him with a vigil near Walnut St NE.

Standing Rock update: police fire at water protectors with "less lethal" rounds-again

On the 27th of December, about 50 unarmed water protectors approached the barricaded bridge on Highway 1806, possibly checking reports that the police were taking down the razor wire and other barricades. The barricades were still there-and police opened fire with "less lethal" munitions, also pursuing the water protectors. They were then reported to be pursuing the water protectors but apparently couild not catch them in the snow or were to drive them off rather than capture them.

WWI-style barricades are still up, contrary to earlier report police were removing them. Ruth Hopkins photo

Disrupting the Inauguration: A #J20 Update

The DC Welcoming Committee is helping to build capacity and infrastructure for a massive convergence that will challenge the legitimacy of both the inauguration of billionaire Donald Trump and his reactionary right-wing cabinet of the super rich, and the wider system of industrial capitalism, repressive government, and white supremacy which gave birth to him. Already, people are planning a series of massive direct actions, blockades, and marches throughout the city.

And hey, because we like fun, we’re even going to throw some parties.

Video: 2016 in activism-chaos, catastrophe, and resistance

Video highlights of the past year in progressive activism. Resistance to Donald Trump, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to police murder are the three main themes of the past year. Now we must prepare for the battle to come on the 20th of January, and the war against racism and white supremacy that will follow.

Video-2016 in review

Jewish,Muslim activists demand building owner EVICT "Clarion Project" hate group

On Dec 21, both Jewish and Muslim activists backed by allies held a "No Hate Groups at 1717 Penn" rally, demanding that the extremist,anti-Muslim Clarion Project be evicted from the building for peddling hate. It is rare to hear of social activists demanding anyone be evicted, but hate groups are an exception to this rule. Tishman Speyer rents space in 1717 Penn Ave to the Clarion Project, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has announced plans to formally designate as a hate group.

Video from the protest against Clarion Project hate

Homeless Memorial March and vigil remembers 46 who died this year

On the 20th of December, the People for Fairness Coalition marched from Luther Place Church to Freedom Plaza to remember 46 people who died on the street or with a housing voucher they were unable to use. The march included a casket in memory of the fallen.

Video of the march from Luther Place to Freedom Plaza

Marchers on 14th St with a casket remembering the 46 homeless people who have died this year in DC

Environmental groups call Trump's climate denying Cabinet picks "arsonists running the fire department"

On the 20th of December, and several other environmental groups gathered in front of the GSA office at 1800 F st. Trump's transition team is being permitted to use that Federal building. The pro-Earth groups were there to denounce such Trump appointments of people like climate denier Scott Pruitt as as head of the EPA and Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

Video from the protest at Trump's transition team office incuding the arsonist/fire department remark about Pruitt

Chomsky at MIT: Between the war scientists and the anti-war students, by Chris Knight

<p> It is now fifty years since Noam Chomsky published his celebrated article, <a href=''>'The Responsibility of Intellectuals'</a>. Few other writings had a greater impact on the turbulent political atmosphere on US campuses in the 1960s.

Police confront student picket at MIT, November 1969

MoveOn, DRUM march against Trump's planned registry of Muslims

On the 12th of December, and DRUM(Desis Rising Up & Moving ) marched from the Department of Justice to the White House demanding Obama shut the NSEERS muslim registry all the way down. This is so Trump cannot use it as the framework for a more expansive registry of every Muslim in the US and who knows who else.

Update Dec 22:Possible VICTORY-Obama dismantling NSEERS so Trump can't easily revive it.

Video highlights of the march including comparisons made to Nazi Germany by some participants