November 2016

Massive "Catharsis" bonfire burns on Mall, thousands march again against Trump

On the 12th of November, anti drug war activists held their annual "Catharsis" bonfire by the Washington Monument. This year's was unusually emotional due to the Trump election. To many attendees the fire symbolized in part chasing away the evil that Trump has summoned forth. A special DC Bike Party rode to Catharsis. Meanwhile, Twitter reports indicated up to 4,000 people marching against Trump on the usual White House/Trump Hotel circuit, and there were firsthand reports marcher went as far north as Howard University.

Video-DC Bike Party Rides to Catharsis bonfire: 0:00-0:53 Bike Party 0:53-2:42 Catharsis bonfire

The Catharsis bonfire

DC Bike Party rides to massive "catharsis" bonfire on the Mall

Anticapitalist/Antifascist march takes I-395 tunnel against Trump

On the 11th of November, and anticapitalist/antifascist march took to the streets against Donald Trump.Also present were many Black Lives Matter activists. The climax of the march was a moving, marching occupation of the I-395 tunnel near 3ed st. Immediately prior to that the march blocked NY Ave to mark 2 months since DC police shot Terrence Sterling off his motorcycle.

Video showing march in Chinatown, NY Ave blockade, and freeway march

"First good Black Bloc in years" marches against Trump

Back At The Trump Hotel

Protests mark the official ribbon cutting of the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC's historic Old Post Office Building.

Trump protesters focus on women's issues on 2nd night of marches, 3rd night of protest

On the 10th of November, anti-Trump protesters took to DC's streets for a second night in a row, chanting things like "My body my Choice" and "Pussy Grabs Back." Marchers surged from Trump Hotel to the White House to the Capitol, back and forth the marches went. There is also an unconfirmed report thatr Georgetown Day School students stormed Trump Hotel earlier in the day. This was actually the 3ed night of protests as the Light brigade set up at the White House shortly after Trump claimed the election.

Video Highlights of the second night of anti-trump marches

Protesters charge onto Penn Ave in front of the White House

DC Marches against Trump for 2nd night in a row

Protesters march on Trump Hotel, burn US flag, throw paint

On the 9th of November, protesters marched on Trump Hotel at least three separate times. The first march started at the White House and marched to Trump Hotel chanting "No Trump, no KKK no racist USA." A second, equally large march arrived from U before that first massive siege of the hotel could entirely disperse, and contained some militant activists. One group burned the US flag, which will be the flag of Donald Trump after Jan 20. Shortly therafter someone threw a paint projectile, scoring a direct hit on the building.

Updates Nov 10:Twitter reports indicate a Black Lives Matter organizer not involved in the flag burning, paint projectile, or any other such incident was assaulted by a "rogue" police officer. Also report in Washington Post of flags burned in protest at American University, no reports of police violence there.

Video showing both marches approaching, then the flag burning and paint hit

Burning the AmeriKKKan flag in front of Trump Hotel after the second march reached the hotel

AmeriKKKan flag burned at Trump Hotel

Protests begin as Trump claims election

On the night of Nov 8-9, the night before the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht, far-right Presidental candidate Donald Trump claimed victory as protests broke out coast to coast. In DC, the Light Brigade set up in front of the White House. The West Coast's later time zone gave more time to set up, leading to mass marches including dumpster fires in Oakland and flags burned elsewhere. Twitter is abuzz with calls for massive Counterinaugural protests.

US Flag burns in anti-Trump march (probably Portland)-Mike Bivins video

Occupy DC photo of Light Brigade's protest at the White House

Burning the US Imperialist flag as Trump claims election

Black Lives Matter sets blockades from Chinatown to N Capitol st for Terrence Sterling

The 8th of November was just short of 2 months after Terrence Sterling was shot by a DC police officer for "erratic driving" his motorcycle. Protesters once again gathered at 3ed and M sts NW where he was shot, this time to deliver a weighted blow. They marched to Chinatown and shut down the iconic 7th and H st shopping area, then marched to N Capitol St and shut it down too, finally shutting down NY Ave one more time.

Video of Chinatown blockade and that angry motorist near Wal-Mart

Taking the streets for Terrence Sterling

Black is Back marches on White House, takes Penn ave in defiance of police

On the 5th of November, the annual Black is Back march took Lafayette Park and Penn Ave in defiance of police who falsedly told them the park was "closed." The park had been closed earlier after a report of an armed and masked man, but that incident had concluded and marchers found the park open when they defied police demands not to go there. The cops made no attempt to re-close the area.

Video-Black is Back takes White House area with or without permit

Black Is Back taking Penn Ave with or without "permits" or police permission

Black is Back takes Lafayette Park and Penn Ave-Permit or not!

Million Mask March storms Trump Hotel

On the 5th of November, the annual Million Mask March stormed Trump Hotel on Penn Ave. Three arrests were reported over spray painted tags left at Trump Hotel and on FBI headquarters. Police websites and some other news outlets reported that couched were thrown at glass doors inside, but video footage clearly shows that heavy couches were only pulled against glass doors to barricade them against security.

Video-News2Share's video from inside Trump Hotel with added musical backing

These chairs were dragged to the glass doors as barricades, they were not thown. Throwing them (as some media outlets reported) would probably require bodybuilders due to their weights

Million Mask March storms Trump Hotel

Reporter shot by police with rubber bullet at Dakota Access Pipeline resistance

On Nov 3, 2016, water defenders in N Dakota were crossing the river by kayak to reach a sacred burial ground,. As reporter Erin Schrode interviews a water defender on the shore, a shot is heard and she goes down, hit by one "rubber" bullet reportedly fired from a police or security boat.

Video originally posted to Facebook by reporter Erin Schrode

Reporter shot with rubber bullet at #NoDAPL pipeline resistance