November 2016

National Policy Institute alt-right/Nazis beseiged in Ronald Reagan building by anti-fascists

On the 19th of November, the alt-right. neo-Nazi National Policy Institute met in the Ronald Reagan Building. As they tried to hold a press conference, a crowd estimated by one speaker at over 1,000 anti-fascists laid siege to the event, marching around the building, pursuing any Nazi they spotted.

Video including the Nazi being sprayed with paint and the fight that resulted when another Nazi assaulted a protester

Siege of alt-right/Nazi NPI at Ronald Reagan Building

Anti-fascist activists storm restaurant hosting neo-Nazi, alt-right NPI dinner

On the 18th of November, the "suit-and-tie Nazi" National Policy Institute (NPI)attempted to hold a quiet dinner meeting on the subject of white supremacy at an Italian restaurant on Wisconsin Ave called Maggiano's. Anti-fascist protesters stormed the restaurant and got most of the way up the stairs to the second floor where NPI was meeting. A few got in via the elevator.

Video-storming Maggiano's to confront NPI's dinner inside

Storming Maggiano's

Storming Maggiano's because Nazis are meeting there

U-MD students walk out for protection of students in marginalized groups

On the 17th of November, the recent wave of student walkouts continued with the #ProtectUMD walkout at University of MD. Although not billed as an anti-Trump walkout, students are demanding that members of marginalized groups such as African-Americans, Muslims, immigrants, and GLBT students be protected from discrimination and hate crimes. That is in direct contravention to the Trump agenda of white nationalism.

Video cropped down and enhanced from raw vertical video clip by Samuel_Sinyangew of the same width( 4 sec)

Photo of rally by Joshua Hall

U-MD students walk out

Sit-in and huge rally at Corps of Engineers, march to White House against DAPL

On the 15th of November, water protectors from Standing Rock reinforced by a huge crowd of supporters beseiged the US Army Corps of Engineers HQ in DC with a sit-in and rally. This was the day after the Corps of Engineers delayed any easement for Energy Transfer to drill under the Missouri River for the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL. A march to the White House afterwards drew a surprise guest: Bernie Sanders spoke there.

6 min 18 sec video featuring tough questions for Corps representative at sit-in, the march, and Berie Sander

The sit-in at the Corps of Engineers(looking outward). No arrests resulted, instead the corps of Engineers send out officials to answer questions.

Massive NoDAPL protest at Corps of Engineers

Bernie Sanders Speaks at the White House NoDAPL Rally

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders addressed a huge crowd at the White House marking a national day of solidarity with the protesters blocking the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sanders speaks atfter 26:00 in the YouTube clip.

The YouTube file appears to have gotten corrupted, so please follow the link.

Water protectors drop banner, drum and pray in Union Station against Dakota Access Pipeline

On the 15th of November, water protectors acting in solidarity Standing Rock dropped a "We Are Still Here" banner in Union Station and held an anti-pipeline prayer complete with drums. Also included was a multi-person puppet rendition of the Black Snake, which Lakota prophecy hoolds will one day run through the land destroying the people and the world, forcing all tribes to unite against it. Many hold that the Dakota Access pipeline is this Black Snake

Video from the banner drop and disruption inside Union Station

No DAPL banner drop at Union Station

Pitchforks and torches at Trump Hotel

On the 14th of November, the No Lame Duck Uprising capped off their protest against the TPP, Oligarchy, and the rise of Donald Trump with a "pitchforks and torches" march from the US Capitol to Trump Hotel

Video-march arrives at Trump Hotel with "torches and pitchforks," sings "tear it down"

Pitchforks and torches for both the TPP and Trump Hotel

SE-SW freeway blocked by anti-TPP/anti-Trump protest

On the 14th of November, the No Lame Duck Uprising blocked a portion of the SE-SW Freeway used by members of Congress on their trips between the US Capitol and area airports. They were protesting against the rise of racist Donald Trump while reminding members of Congress not to attempt to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Video of No Lame Duck/Stop Trumpism freeway blockade

Blocking I-395 against Trumpism

Climate First! protests, enters Citibank branch over Dakota Access pipeline funding

On the 14th of November, Climate First! showed up outside two Citibank branches near the White House demanding that Citi dump their investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline or DAPL. At the first branch visited, activists got inside and asked to speak with the branch manager. An employee claimed the manager was not at work but accepted a letter concerning the pipeline.

Video of entry to Citibank branch and handoff of letter

At the first Citibank branch

Protesting Citibank's investments in the Dakota Access Pipeline


Secession is the departure of a group or community from a larger organization such as a state, province, country, or empire. Talk of secession has increased since Trump won the presidential election. Secession is the correct response to the election of Trump. States, regions, counties, towns, and cities should secede from the United States. Cities and states where most people did not vote for Trump must secede from the US. The United States is not worth saving. President Trump will bring oppressive, right-wing policies to places where most people did not vote for him.