October 2016

Jews United for Justice holds rent control street theater demanding loopholes be closed

On the 20th of October, Jews United for Justice set up a "share the harvest" sukkot (booth) outside the Wilson Building, then staged a ceremony in which paper chains with six gaps were joined together to demand that six crucial loopholes that make DC's rent control law nearly useless be closed.

Video showing symbolic closure of all six loopholes

Closing loopholes in DC rent control-symbolically today, for real tomorrow!

Uber Driver tries to push through Black Lives Matter/Terrence Sterling Protest on NY Ave

Monday the 17th of October marked 6 weeks since MPD shot Terrence Sterling dead for "erratic driving" on his motorcycle. It was also the 4th Monday in a row protesters shut down NY Ave just yards from where he was killed. This time around, there was plenty of "erratic driving" by an Uber driver pushing into protesters and a few other motorists squeezing through narrow gaps. Unlike what happened to Terrence Sterling, police did not respond by rolling down their windows and shooting the drivers.

Video including the Uber driver driving into protesters

An Uber driver pushed into Black Lives Matter protesters

Uber driver drives into Black Lives Matter

Secret Service, right-winger interfere as Code Pink protests US/Saudi bombing of Yemen

On the 17th of October, Code Pink showed up in front of the White House to protest the brutal US and Saudi bombing of Yemen and US weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. With an Italian indignitary due to arrive, Secret Service almost immediately closed the street. Code Pink set up on the sidewalk, as as they began speaking a pro-war right-winger began yelling "bla bla bla." Secret Service then close Lafayette Park until the motorcade had arrived.

Video showing the timeline of closures and right-wing harassment of Code Pink's protest against the US fighting for Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

Code Pink setting up, just before that first closure

Code Pink protests US fight for Saudis in Yemen, gets park and street closures

Felony charges with 45 year sentence filed for videotaping tar sands pipeline shutdown

In a chilling development, prosecutors have filed major felony charges whose maxiumums total 45 years in prison against journalist Deia Schlosberg for filming the direct action that shut down all five pipelines bringing tars sands "oil" into the US on October 11. This is an extreme provocation by prosecutors, who seem to be begging the global movement against extreme extraction to escalate even further.


DC Bike Party holds annual "Angels and Demons" ride

On the 12th of October, the DC Bike Party took to the streets for the annual pre-Halloween "Angels and Demons" ride.

Video from the 2nd half of the DC Bike Party featuring one of two powerful sound systems carried by bike

DC Bike Party "Angels and Demons" ride

Black Lives Matter protest at US Attorney's office: Prosecute "special police" who killed Alonzo Smith

On the 13th of October, Black Lives Matter activists, some of them by motorcade, showed up at the US Attorney's office on 4th st NW demanding that the "special police" who killed Alonzo Smith in the Marbury Plaza apartments be prosecuted for murder.

Video from "Justice for Zoe" protest at US attorney's office

Demanding the US attorney prosecute Alonzo Smith's killers

Hundreds picket Trump Hotel over labor dispute

On the 13th of October, the mainstream press was buzzing about the five women who have come forward to declare that they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. On that same day, hundreds picketed Trump's brand new luxury hotel in DC over yet another crime by Donald Trump: his flat refusal to honor the outcome of an election by workers at his Las Vegas hotel to seek union representation.

1 min video of mass picket at Trump Hotel

Picketing Trump hotel over labor abuses

AFL-CIO President Trumka's support for Dakota Access pipeline draws protesters

On the 12th of October, DC Standing Rock Solidarity showed up outside the headquarters of the AFL-CIO to call out Richard Trumka's support for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Several activists with personal histories in union organizing called Trumka's stance a betrayal.

Video from NoDAPL protest at AFL_CIO

Calling out Richard Trumka of AFL-CIO for endorsing Dakota Access pipeline

"Trump is a Pig" posters appear on DC lamp posts

Decades ago, scandal after scandal brought down former Reagan adminstration attorney general Edwin Meese III. As the scandals escalated, "Meese is a Pig" posters appeared all over DC, sometimes in huge clusters. The last batch read "Experts Agree-Meese is a Pig!" Now Donald Trump is receiving a taste of the same treatment in the wake of that raging sex tape scandal.