September 2016

Hundreds protest Dakota Access pipeline at White House

On the 13th of September, hundreds gathered at the White House to demand that President Obama revoke all permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline. One of the speakers reported 22 arrests on Sep 13 at Standing Rock, where Energy Transfer is attempting to continue DAPL construction in defiance of demands from the Dept of the Interior and US Army Corps of Engineers that construction be stopped.

Video-March on White House, Oil is Death, and Sanders shows up

#NoDAPL protest at the White House Sep 13

Moral Mondays begin at DC Council

On the 12th of September, DC social activists and religious leaders began holding "Moral Mondays" at the DC Council demanding that miniumum wages be raised, public housing be perserved, schools and public property not be privatized, mass incarceration be ended, and more. Moral Mondays began in North Carolina as a protest against right-wing and racist policies of the state government such as restricting voting rights and cutting social programs. In North Carolina Moral Mondays are known for civil disobedience, DC councilmembers should consider the possibility that failure to address the needs of the people could force the use of civil disobedience here in DC as well.

Marching around the Wilson Building on the first of DC's Moral Mondays

Trump hotel opening draws all-day protest

At 7AM on the 12th of September, the Trump Hotel opened for business in the Old Post Office building,with a 99 year lease trump got thanks to help from DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Protesters were outside opposing both the racism of Donald Trump and the giveaway of public property to this billionaire. Word is suites will be rented out for $500,000 a night on Inuaguration night, and normal rooms on normal nights for $800 with a 4 night minimum. None of those who physically rebuilt the Old Post Office building can afford to stay there.

Video highlights of the Trump Hotel protest

Protesting opening of Donald Trump's hotel in DC

Unity walk between Synagogue, churches, and Islamic Center stands against religious hate

On the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, a "Unity Walk" originated at Washington Hebrew Congregation, ended at the Islamic Center, and stopped in at most of the churches, temples, and other religious institutions along the way. The march was in opposition to religious hate, under the theme "know your neighbor." At the Islamic Center, a Jewish Rabbi spoke condemning the persecution of US Muslims that has taken place since the entirely foreign 9-11 attacks. No direct mention of Trump and the wave of hate he was stirred up was necessary.

Video-A Rabbi condemns Islamophobia, speaking at the closing ceremony at the Islamic center

Closing ceremonies at the Islamic Center

A rabbi condemns Islamophobia in speech at Islamic Center during Unity Walk

DAPL update: DOJ, US Army, DOI call for construction halt after injunction denied

On the 9th of September, Judge James Boasberg denied the request by the Standing Rock Sioux for a preliminary injunction against further construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. The pipeline builders now have other problems though: The US Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Justice are all calling for a construction halt anyway. Energy transfer has foolishly built a significant part of the pipeline well away from the area being defended by Native America land defenders and now stands to lose a large amount of money if the pipeline cannot cross the Missouri river. In short they will pay for their attempted aggression and their dog attacks by losing their shirts.

Support and defend striking prisoners in MD and VA

Prisoners nationally have gone out on a work stoppage on Friday, Sep 9. Prisoners in MD at Jessup state prison and Cumberland Federal prison, and in VA at the Red Onion, Buckingham, and Fluvanna state prisons and are participating in the work stoppage. They need your help to prevent retaliation against them by prison officials. People are being asked to call several of the prisons so the staff will understand that trouble on the inside will have consequences on the outside.The demand of the strike is simple: end slavery in US prisons!

A variety of solidarity actions took place around DC and Baltimore on Sep 9th and 10 targetting corporations like Mcdonalds, Starbucks, and Verizon that profit from prison labor plus a protest by the IWW outside the MD correctional facility in Baltimore

IWW protest outside MD correctional facility in Baltimore on Sep 9

Breaking: Nat Guard deployed against #NoDAPL-but most construction equipment already disabled

On Thursday, Sep 8, the governor of North Dakota activated the National Guard against Native Americans defending the Missouri River upstream of the Standing Rock Sioux reservtion from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Reports are the deployment is 6-8 soldiers at each of the highway checkpoints surrounding the protesters camps. There's just one problem for the pipeline builders: Unicorn Riot is reporting that most of their equipment was "unusable after being so heavily vandalized" on Tuesday!. Thus the National Guard cannot prevent protesters from monkeywrenching the bulldozers simply because it has already been done.

Jill Stein taking hands-on action against the Dakota Access pipeline. Some things you have to see with your own hands...

TPP opponents warn Congress lame duck ratification attempt will face severe disruption

On the 7th of September, opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) marched from Union Station to the Senate office buildings followed by the US Capitol. They gave Congress a simple warning: any attempt to ratify the TPP during a "lame duck" session will face severe disruption! Thousands of people were reported to have signed a pledge to obstruct and resist any proceedings on the Hill to ratify this "corporate coup" super-NAFTA.

Video highlights of the TPP Protest

Marching on Congress against the TPP-and lame duck ratification plans

Code Pink protests arms sales to Saudi theocrats as Congress returns

On the 7th of September, Code Pink protested US arms sales to Saudi Arabia at the Hart Building as Congress came back to town. Saudi Arabia is using those US weapons to bomb Yemen in support of their sectarian agenda there and has even bombed schools. While one team stayed outside a second team went inside-and was threatened with arrest over giving supporters of Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign the "bloody hands" treatment.

Private security guard dogs bite, wound six at Dakota Access Pipeline blockade

On the 3ed of September, Native American protesters on foot and on horseback drove back the bulldozers of the company trying to build the Dakota Access pipeline for fracked Bakken oil. A private security contractor sicced dogs on the protesters and six people including a child received dog bites. Still more people were pepper sprayed. In the end, the contractor withdrew after one of the dogs was photographed with the blood of one of his victims in his mouth. For all their brutality the pipeline builders were defeated yet again.

Video of the dog attack originally published by Democracy Now

Composite of two photos by Winnie Wong of attack dog and one of the bites inflicted

Dog bites can't stop Native American blockade of Dakota Access pipeline

Youtube prohibits authors of poltical videos from selling ads-and some activists actually object

On the 3ed of September, an image appeared on twitter from an account simply labelled as "anonymous" with a Guy Fawlkes mask along with charges that Youtube is censoring activist video not be taking it down but rather by forbidding posters from selling additional ads ("revenue sharing") on them. Youtube does not consider social activist video "ad-safe," just as some activists do not consider anticapitalist video made for the purpose of selling corporations' ads "hypocrisy safe." For Youtube to offer to air the videos, just not to offer to permit posters to sell corporate ads on them is not censorship of anything but the ads themselves. The advertisers are unlikely to object to that "censorship."

Since when is refusing to sell ads on content censorship?