August 2016

August DC Bike Party takes over the streets

On the 10th of August, the DC Bike Party once again took to the streets of DC with hundreds of riders participating.

Video from August 2016 DC Bike Party

August 2016 DC Bike Party

Lawsuits Filed Over Donald Trump's Privatization of Pennsylvania Avenue, “America’s Main Street”

Civil Rights Group Challenges Buffer Zone that Restricts Free Speech at New Trump International Hotel

A section of Pennsylvania Avenue, a National Historic Site that runs from the White House to the Capitol, will be turned over for the use of the Trump Organization along with the large (7,000 square foot) previously public plaza that features an 1889 Benjamin Franklin statue and that abuts the soon-to-open Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office, as well as a portion of the sidewalk space abutting the Avenue.

The turnover of these spaces creates a “buffer zone” that appears to suppress or extinguish free speech in proximity to the building leased by Trump, restricting access to priority or exclusive use of the Trump Organization.

Police close Penn Ave in face of Nagasaki Vigil

On the 8th of August, antiwar and antinuclear activists walked from a nearby church to the White House for a candlelight vigil on the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.Minutes before the procession left the church, Secret Service shut down Penn Ave in front of the White House. Seconds after the end of the two minutes of silence at the exact moment of the bombing anniversary and while one of the Hibakuash (nuclear survivors) was speaking, they reopened the street.

Video from the Nagasaki vigil showing how police timed the street closure

Police close Penn Ave in face of Nagasaki vigil

Standing Rock Sioux, allies protest Dakota Access pipeline

On the 6th of August, residents of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation showed up in front of the White House backed by other Native American and pro-Earth activists. The Dakota Access pipeline would pass under Native American burial grounds and when it breaks and spills will contaminate water the tanding Rock Sioux Reservation's residents depend on to stay alive. Digging has already begun for this pipeline even though permits have NOT been issued.

Video from the No Dakota Access protest

No Dakota Access Pipeline protest at the White House

Bike Around the Bomb circles area small nuke would destroy in DC

On the 6th of August, Global Zero's "Bike around the Bomb" bike ride circled the area a small nuclear weapon would destroy in DC Heading north from the White House the ride went to U st, down 9th st, E on Penn to 3ed st, down to Indep Ave, and across back to 15th st. From there they returned to the White House. This route suggests a Ground Zero somewhere around K and 12th sts, missing the White House as a target just as the Hiroshima bomb is said to have been offset from its intended detonation spot.The size of the area suggests a device detonated by Daesh as opposed to the huge Russian nukes.

Video of Bike Around the Bomb 2016

Bike Around the Bomb 2016

Hiroshima survivor speaks at DC antinuclear vigil

The 5th of August, DC area antiwar activists held their annual vigil on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. One of the speakers was a Hiroshima survivor who was 3 years old at the time of the bombing.

A surviver from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (he was three at the time) speaks at the annual August 5 remembrance vigil in DC.

A survivor of Hiroshima speaks

March on DC jail forces repairs to broken A/C system after prisoner death

Update August 6: A/C still not working 4 days after contractors worked on it in front of protesters-they need to finish the job!

On the 14th of July, "LT" Leslie Irby died from the effects of extreme heat in the DC Jail. The air conditioning system has been broken since before that time and inmates have reported temperatures as high as 100F in their cells. On the 3rd of August, Cease Fire: Don’t Smoke the Brothers and Sisters led a march on and around the jail demanding repairs and an end to the baking hot cells. On the very day the protesters arrived a crane was set up, with a new condensor section for that HVAC system being slung to hoist to the roof where maintainance crews were finally at work. The odds that this is a cooincidence are low, given that the system has been broken for many weeks.

Video including (near end) confrontation with senior jail official who retreated from protesters

Marching around the DC Jail and the privately owned "Correctional Treatment Facility"

March on DC Jail forces A/C repairs