July 2016

July Critical Mass reportback

A hot night did not deter DC's Critical Mass bike ride from returning to the streets on July 29, the last Friday of the month. These rides are basically social rides these days, departing from Dupont Circle at shortly after 8PM.

Video from the first portion of the ride

Critical Mass rides again

Video coverage of DNC protests: Some say "Bern it Down"

Protests against Hillery's bought and paid for Democratic National Convention began as news broke that DNC chair Wasserman Schultz had resigned over hacker-released emails snowing systematic DNC efforts to favor Hillery over Sanders in the primaries. First up on Sunday, July 24 was the March for a Clean Energy Revolution. The lead contingent was Native Americans warning that no oil or gas pipelines would be permitted to cross their land and poison their water. Further back was a contingent opposing the TPP trade deal Hillery claims to oppose but is suspected of lying about that opposition. Later in the day a march of Bernie Sanders supporters marched all the way to the gates of the heavily fortified convention site.

7-24:Video from the March for a Clean Energy Revolution

7-24:Video from the "Bernie or Bust" march on the DNC

7-26 Black Lives Matter, 7-27 Sanders supporters walk out, 7-28 coffin pushed over fortified fence,and more videos in full article.

Sanders supporters with "Bern it Down" banner after march from City Hall to the fortified DNC site

Protesters at DNC reject Hillery's "Party Unity"

Congress Heights redevelopment STOPPED after slumlord Geoff Griffis gets another home demo

Update July 28:WMATA tables proposed sale of Metro property required for Congress Heights redevelopment, blocking Geoff's proposed luxury apartment and office plans.

Geoffrey Griffis, managing member for CityPartners, LLC is up to his neck in the efforts to evict all residents of Congress Heights in Anacostia so a new "mixed use" development can take their place. On the 23rd of July under scorching heat, dozens of Congress Heights tenants backed up by residents of other properties facing deliberate slum conditions and other illegal eviction schemes showed up at Geoffrey's luxurious Cleveland Park home to warn that he can't try to put people out of their homes, then return to his home and not have problems. Protesters called out CityPartners LLC for a business model based on emptying out buildings so the condos can come.

Video including Geoff coming out in an attempt to buy off protesters with bottled water

The scene in front of Geoffry Griffis home, quite a contrast to what he has done to Congress Heights

Protesting an evicting slumlord at his Cleveland Park home

Beyond Extreme Energy disrupts FERC, locks down at Democratic Party HQ

On the 21st of July, six members of Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) locked down across the doors of Democratic Party headquarters in DC, holding the space for hours. The Democrats sent out two people to "negotiate," but they said they had no authority to speak for anyone. Negotiations went nowhere, so the blockade went on for hours. The Dems were outraged that Green Party activists participated in the blockade but were warned that their pro-corporate, pro-fracking, pro-TPP politics were driving away their base.

Video from the lockdown at Democratic Party headquarters

lockdown and banner at Democratic headquarters

Lockdown against fracking and the TPP at Democratic Party HQ

Black Lives Matter occupies Fraternal order of Police lobbying office

Early morning on the 20th of July,Members of BYP 100 and Black Lives Matter DC took over the Fraternal Order of Police Legislative OfAdvocacy Center at 328 Massachusetts Ave NE. Activists held the site about 16 hours before leaving shortly before midnight, after a "frat party" demonstrating how the FOP works to ensure killer cops escape justice due to start. Several signs called the FOP "the most violent fraternty in America."

Video highlights of the occupation of the FOP's lobbying HQ

Black Lives Matter occupies Fraternal Order of Police

Cleveland RNC protests begin amid armed tension

Ongoing coverage from the Cleveland GOP Convention.

The afternoon Shut Down Trump march on July 17-photo by Moorehead/Lilly '16

"Shut down Trump" marches on GOP Convention

Afromation blockades I-83 in Baltimore, 65 kettled in mass arrest

On the 16th of July, activists under the name Afromation blockaded Baltimore's I-83 freeway after marching through the "Artscape" festival. Police used a false report of an ambulance to get protesters to move, then kettled as much of the crowd as they could, arresting 65 people. The "ambulance" turned out to be two police wagons Some of the arrestees were reported to be bystanders who had followed the march from Artscape out of curiosity to watch and were not protesters at all.

Video of the I-83 blockade originally posted to Twitter by Action.Brotha.Jedi

Blockading Baltimore's I-83 freeway to protest police brutality

Afromation blockades I-83 over police brutality

Skanska executives get more home demos over U-WA vivisection lab contract

Over the weekend of July 9-10, DC Stampede and Tidewater Earth First! combined forces to protest at the homes of three executives of Skanska USA ijn Virginia. There is a report that police used a pretext traffic stop against one of the activist cars to bully and intimidate the passengers in the car demanding personal information. Skanska is building a new vivisevction laboratory for the University of Washington, and the national No New Anijal Lab campaign has sworn to prevent it from ever opening.

Mexico: Bloody bourgeois repression and the “danse macabre” of the “far left”

The Mexican bourgeoisie has once again shown its bloody face:
On Sunday, June 19, at Nochixlan, heavily armed federal police murdered a dozen striking teachers and villagers who supported them in cold blood. They were blocking a highway in the south to prevent federal police from going to the capital of the state of Oaxaca, where striking teachers organized an encampment.