June 2016

Police knocking on activist doors in Cleveland before the RNC-two can play at that game

In the wake of court decisions that struck down a huge "no protest" zone around the Cleveland Republican National Convention, cops are now knocking on doors at activists houses in what they call a "community outreach" program. Obviously the real message is "we know where you live and will raid you if anything bad happens during the RNC." These cops need to understand that payback is a game two can play. Perhaps they should talk to DC cops and especially former protest cop Capt Harold about what can happen when protesters are mistreated. They should then remember that DC activists were not using the full range of tactics used by activists elsewhere when they retaliated for things like mock mass arrests or warrants. Cleveland has a much more powerful and aggressive activist presence than DC, police should think twice before infuriating a huge beehive into an all-out swarm.

Public hearing on gas fracking in MD draws overwhelming opposition

On the 27th of June, the MD Maryland Department of the Environment held one of three public hearings on Governor Hogan's proposal to regulate but permit gas fracking in MD beginning in 2017 when a moratorium expires. After a "Don't Frack MD" protest outside a roomful of people opposed to fracking in MD said one after another that only a complete ban would be acceptable.

Video on Liveleak after takedown against Archive

Overwhelming majority demands total ban on fracking in MD at public meeting and rally

Critical Mass reportback for June

Critical Mass bike rides still take place here in DC, currently on the last Friday of every month.

The June ride took to the streets about a half hour later than usual to give riders time to assemble after a heavy rainstorm passed through, then set out at about 8:30PM with somewhere around 50 riders.

Video of Critical Mass DC for June 2016

Critical Mass DC on Penn Ave passing the World Bank

Critical Mass DC for June 2016

Protest at White House dmeands declassification of 9/11 report pages showing Saudi gov't complicity

On Thursday, the 23ed of June, protesters showed up at the White House demanding that 28 now-classified pages of the 9-11 report detailing Saudi complicity in 9-11 be released. One of the signs charged Obama with concealing the lies of George W Bush.

Musical video of the protest originally posted to Youtube by Richard Ochs

Musical video-declassify 9/11 report pages showing Saudi gov't complicity

Breaking: 2nd killer cop "acquitted" in Freddie Gray case

On the 23ed of June, killer cop Caesar Goodson was found "not guilty" by a judge on all counts including depraved heart murder. He had refused to face a jury for his crimes, and judges are paid by the same government and businessmen as the police. Casear Goodson is the cop that drove the van recklessly, giving Freddie Gray one of Baltimore's infamous "rough rides." This led to a broken neck and the death of Freddie Gray. Caesar Goodson is the second cop to be acquited outright and the third cop the courts have refused to convict, as trial of another of these cops (the first one tried) ended in a mistrial.

1320 Nicholson tenants rally, meet with city officials over unpaid refunds for illegal rent hike

The landlord at 1320 Nicholson St owes but has not been paying tenants refunds for an illegal rent hike invalidated by the DC courts.Since a new management company took over the building conditions have deteriorated and this illegal rent hike was attempted, possibly in an attempt to clear out the building. On the 22nd of June, tenants rallied outside and met with councilmember Anita Bonds and Councilmember-elect Robert White(GOP never wins in DC) demanding action to recover the money they are owed and fix the building.

Video from the rally at Nicholson St

Protesting a landlord's refusal to refund a rent hike ruled illegal

Truckload of 2.8M dead bees brought to EPA in pesticide protest

On the 22nd of June, beekeepers, organic farmers, and pro-Earth actvists parked a truck carrying the bodies of 2.8 million dead bees in front of the offices of the EPA. The dead bees were from 75 hives destroyed by pesticides sold by corporations like Bayer and Monsanto. On the grass between the truck and the Environmental Protection Agency's offices, speaker after speaker warned that no bees means no food. A third of all food produced in the US is either pollinated by bees or in the case of some animal products derived from such crops fed to animals.

Video from the protest-including load of 2.8M dead bees parked at EPA

2.8M dead bees brought to the EPA

Verizon CWA White House March and Picket

Video of picket and march to the White House by striking CWA and IBEW Verizon workers.

Speakers in order of appearance:
MD Del. Jimmy Tarlau (D) District 47a
MD Sen. Manno, Roger (D), District 19
MD Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D) District 21
Donna S. Edwards Secretary-Treasurer MD State & DC AFL-CIO
Carlos Jimenez Metro Washington Council Executive Director AFL-CIO
Eve Lott Union Member
Willie T Perkins III, Union Member, and family
Andre Taylor "Bernardo" member 2108, union member, spoken word poet

Trump deposition draws protest by HRC morning after huge Orlando vigil in Dupont Circle

On the morning of the 16th of June, appearance by Donald Trump at a DC law firm to give a deposition drew protesters from the nearby Human Rights Campaign. The previous night thousands had gathered in Dupont Circle to remember those killed by theocratic hate in Orlando, Florida. Some of them no doubt came from HRC, so when Trump showed up they were probably not inclined to tolerate his throwing more fuel on the flames of hate and religious warfare.

Protesting Trump's deposition-Photo by Aaron Black