January 2016

Native Americans rally at EPA demanding toxic uranium mines be cleaned up

On the 28th of January, members of several Native American nations showed up outside the headquarters of the EPA to demand that thousands of abandoned uranium mines be cleaned up.The mines are leaking uranium into water depended on by the tribes, causing cancer and many early deaths. One government offical was reported to have the nerve to blame the illnesses on "drinking" leaving out the fact that that drinking the WATER is what is causing cancer.

Video highlights of the speakers

Native Americans demand the US clean up toxic abandoned uranium mines

Concepcion dies after 35 years of antinuclear vigil at White House

On Monday, Jan 25, Piccolo Concepcion died, reported at an assisted living facility, known for her 35 year long vigil against nuclear weapons at the White House. This vigil began all the way back in 1981, during the darkest days of Ronald Reagan and two years before the "Able Archer" nuclear forces wargame nearly led to nuclear war by accident. Many confrontations took place in the early years, and most of the arcane regulations unique to what was known as Peace Park were the government's response. The vigil began with signs leaned on the White House fence, leading to the "no protest zone" used so often for civil disobedience to this day. It then crossed the street and huge antinuclear signs that doubled as small cabins were erected. They were cut down with chainsaws, leading to the current "structures" regulations concerning signs, etc. For all the brutality and crazy laws that went into effect, for all the bad arrests later overturned in court, the government never did manage to shut down the vigil.

Photo by War Resister's League

Blizzard report: Bikes can get out where cars cannot

On the 25th of January, many residents in MD were still unable to reach the main roads using their cars. Side streets were not plowed, only packed down by passing SUV's. While cars often could not get out using their tracks, bicycles could, and once the main roads were reached could be ridden almost as in normal conditions. Politicians like Muriel Bowser are still asking people to stay home. They can no doubt summon the National Guard to bring them food by Humvee if they run out, so it's easy for them to demand others stay off the roads.

Video of Ga Ave two days after the snow stopped falling shot from a bike saddle

A show shovel compared to the height of the snow late on Saturday while more was still coming down.

Biking 2 days after the snow stopped

Code Pink activists assaulted by Trump brownshirts in Las Vegas

On the 21st of January, a Code Pink activist was punched and violently dragged out of a Donald Trump rally after raising a banner and demanding an end to the hate Trump is peddling. As the brownshirts pummeled her she lost her jacket. When someone tried to return it, Donald Trump himself ordered the good Samaritan to stand down, saying “leave her jacket there… to hell with her.” This is what makes the violent Trump supporters brownshirts-the command and control relationship between them and their Fuhrer Donald Trump. This kind of ugly violence is more commonly associated with German beer hall speeches in the late 1920's and early 1930's than with elections in the US.

Pro-choice activists block antiabortion march

On the 22nd of January, pro-choice activsts gathered at noon at the US Supreme Court. They got there ahead of the incoming anti-choice march that harasses the Supreme Court every year on the anniversary of Roe Vs Wade. With the incoming snow one online posting advised people "2' to 3' of snow-wear the tall boots." Perhaps the antichoice marchers could take that one step farther and wear jackboots? When they arrived at the Supreme Court, militant pro-choice activists got into the street and blocked the march

Video-blockading anti-choice march

Blockading anti-choice bigots at the Supreme Court.

Blocking the anti-choice parade at the Supreme Court

Video and Final reportback from #StormSkanska weekend of action

We have been campaigning against Skanska for over a year. On January 1, 2015, Richard Cavallaro took the position of CEO and President of Skanska USA, succeeding company veteran Michael McNally. The campaign to stop the Animal Research & Care Facility had recently been consolidated under the banner No New Animal Lab, and we made the point to inaugurate Richard with a simple letter, which urged him to cancel Skanska's contract with the University of Washington and all plans to build an underground torture chamber for animals. Unfortunately, we had no hope that Richard would be diverted from his profit-seeking motives, and so we began efforts to #StormSkanska.

Official #StormSkanska Swarm New York video, hosted on Vimeo

The Siege of Skanska escalates! Scaling ladder brought to the home of Skanska USA CEO Richard Cavallaro to hang banner from the roof leads to two rough arrests.

Gas export protesters shut down Bank of America over $4B credit line for Dominion

On the 21st of January, opponents of Bank of America's investments in Dominion's fracked gas export facility at Cove Point showed up at the branch across the street from the White House. Some of them were from Lusby in Calvert County, in the area an accident at the gas plant could incinerate. When one of the activists tried to deliver a letter to the bank manager, the bank refused to accept it and locked their doors in response to several more activists going inside. The bnak branch remained locked and shut down for the duration of the protest

Video from both the team inside Bank of America and the protest outside

No to Bank of America funding for fracked gas export!

National Airport contract workers march, blockade 14th and Indep Ave

On the 18th of January, airport contract workers from National Airport supported by union organizers gathered near the MLK Memorial, then marched on Independance Ave and stopped to blockade the intersection of 14th st and Independence Ave. Blackades there quickly stop traffic back to the 14th st Bridge, thus effectively blockading the bridge itself. This blockade was only held for a few minutes and was on the MLK holiday but is a clear warning of disruption to come unless these contract workers get their demands. The demand is simple: $15 an hour with benefits and the right to organize a union. Otherwise, Poverty doesn't fly-and it doesn't drive either.

Video of the march and short 14th and Indep blockade(1 min 37 sec)

Blocking 14th and Independence for $15 an hour and a union

"Muriel's gotta go-go" dance party demands removal of Mayor Bowser

On the 16th of January Black Lives Matter activists staged the first "Muriel's Gotta Go-Go" dance party outside the Reeves Center.The dance party was complete with a sound truck playing banned go-go music, prohibited in DC nightclubs by ruthless governmental harassment. Due to this ban the protest was billed as a civil disobedience just for playing the music. Demand included not only the removal of the ban on playing go-go music in clubs, but the removal of DC Mayor Bowser from office. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement she has proposed more cops, more fines, and more searches and activists are saying this shall not pass!

Video highlights of Muriel's gotta go-go(46 sec)

Photo by Preston Mitchum

Mayor Muriel Bowser's gotta go-go!

Two assaulted and arrested at NY protest at Skanska CEO's house over animal lab

On the 16th of January, the #StormSkanska protests against Skanska's vivisection lab construction contract at University of Washington visited the home of Richard Cavallaro, CEO of Skanska USA. Two of the protesters were assaulted and arrested by police, triggering a jail solidarity march on presumably the police station or jail where they are being held as this is written. Skanska USA is building an underground vivisection laboratory for University of Washington.