March 2014

Police force removal of White House antinuclear vigil tent under threat of arrest

On the 13th of March, US Park Police demanded during the day that the antinuclear vigil in front of the White House remove their property. When told the signs are protected under the First Amendment, they said the tent had to go. They claimed they would be back at 9PM to remove the tent but did not show up as of midnight March 13-14. They were back twice the following day and forced removal of the tent-and all chairs, etc-under threat of arrest in 15 minutes

Video 10PM March 14: Cops remove plywood, force removal of tent, chairs (liveleak)

Six arrests at Calvert County Courthouse in Cove Point gas export CD

On the 13th of March, six MD residents were arrested outside the Calvert County courthouse while protesting Dominion Eneergy's proposed LNG (liquified natural gas) export plant at Cove Point.

Sec State Kerry draws Keystone XL protest to Gridiron Dinner

On the 8th of March, Secretary of State John Kerry was scheduled to speak at the white-tie "Gridiron Dinner" at the Renaissance Hotel. Outside were protesters against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Video from the KLX protest outside the Gridiron dinner:

Tar sands protesters march, project images on US Dept of State

At midnight on the 6th of March, the deadline for formal public comment on the State Dept's phoney statement about the environmental impact of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline passed. Hours earlier, protesters marched on their 23ed st headquarters.

Video of 3-6 evening KXL march and comment projection at State

Marshall Eddie Conway Free! Free All Political Prisoners!!

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, Naji Mujahid, Marshall Eddie Conway (free after 44 years of illegal incarceration for being a Panther and standing up to white authority), Paul Coats - at Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY.

398 arrested in "XL Dissent" civil disobediance against tar sands pipeline

On the 2nd of March, an estimated 2,000 opponents of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline marched from Georgetown University to the White House for the largest one-day civil disobediance against the pipeline DC has seen.

Video of the march and civil disobediance
Video including the fake oil spill in front of Kerry's house, by "Organizer X" (youtube)