March 2014

School of the Americas Watch protests at Columbus monument and in Takoma

On the 31st of March, School of the Americas Watch showed up at the Columbus Monument in front of Union Station. They were there to condemn the ongoing legacy of colonialism, disposession, and murder of Indigenous people started by Columbus and continued today by graduates of the infamous "School of Coups" at Ft Benning, Ga.

Video of SOA Watch protest at KKKolumbus monument (Liveleak)
Video of SOA Watch march and rally in Takoma Park featuring Rev Hagler (liveleak)

Animal advocates protest Rock Creek "Deer Removal" as season ends with 106 deer dead

The 31st of March was the last day the Park Service could have USDA "Wildlife Services" shoot deer under the terms of the warning signs and public announcements they had posted. On that day, no shooters arrived, but protesters did, condemning the 4 days of slaughter in Rock Creek this winter, and opposing all plans to continue. The next day, the Park Service announced they had killed 106 deer.

Video of March 31 deer removal protest (liveleak)

Police arrest White House antinuclear vigiler in continuing campaign of harassment

On the morning of Saturday, March 29th, US Park Police again attacked the 33 year old antinuclear/peace vigil in front of the White House. This time they arrested the person at the vigil on a pretext charge so they could dismantle the vigil.
It didn't work. The activist being arrested (one of many taking relief shifts for Connie) managed to place an emergency phone call and a second relief vigiler was able to reach the scene before the cops could remove the vigil.

Reportback from March 20-22 Ringling Brothers circus protest

Last week (March 20-22),the Ringling Brothers circus was in town again. As always they were protested by animal rights activists outraged by beatings and abuse the animals receive onstage and off.

Code Pink protests Egypt's death sentences against 529 protesters

Earlier this week, the coup goverrnment in Egypt sentenced 529 protesters to death in a simultanious "trial" for the alleged killing of a cop during protests last summer in which hundreds of protesters were shot. On the 27th of March, Code Pink showed up in front of the Egyptian Embassy to condemn this outrageous violation of human rights.

Selected clips from Freeman Sullivan Livestream video (Liveleak, 1 min 35 seconds)

Women, children march for minimum wage increase

On the 26th of March, women and children organized by OurDC marched from Union Station to the US Capitol with men marching behind them. They were demanding the Federal minimum wage be increased to $10.10 an hour, and a local minimum wage of $12.50 an hour in DC.

Video of the minimum wage march and rally(liveleak)

US attorney turns away activists seeking indictments against Obama, officials for drones

On Tuesday March 25 six members of NCNR followed up at the US Attorney’s office in person to demand action as drone attacks continue to murder innocent people around the world. NCNR maintains that the Obama Administration and the CIA drone program are in violation of U.S. and international law. Video posted by citizen activists to Youtube

When the six activists arrived at the US Attorney’s office at 11:00 am they discovered the doors to the public building were locked. A security officer, John Buffington, came out and told them that they would not be allowed into the building.

DC, March 30-April 5: Spring Days of Action (SOA Watch)

Let your voice be heard in the streets, the halls of power, and at special cultural events throughout the DC area (March 30-April 5).

Chesapeake Earth First! enters Hill and Knowlton lobby against Enbridge #9

On the 19th of March, Chesapeake Earth First! entered the building housing Hill & Knowlton, lobbyists for Enbridge. This was in response to a First Nations call for solidarity actions against Enbridge for reversing the flow of their old #9 pipeline to carry tar sands oil.

Luke's Video

Pro tar sands ad posters infest Farragut North Metro

On my way to a tar sands protest, I was disgusted by the volume of "Canadian Energy" advertisements aimed at the rich and powerful in and around the Farragut North metro station and even at nearby bus shelters.