July 2012

Re: Thousands march on API to "Stop the Frack Attack"

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Re: Thousands march on API to "Stop the Frack Attack"

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Thousands march on API to "Stop the Frack Attack"

On the 28th of July, thousands of opponents of natural gas fracking marched from the US Capitol to the American Petroleum Institute, with an intermediate stop at the American Natural Gas Association. Audio Report posted elsewhere by WSQT Radio: http://dcimc.alchymedia.com/sites/default/files/audio/H_Stop_The_Frack_Attack_7-28-2012_Radiomix.mp3 (filtered html FAILED, displayed as plain text).


Reportback from Sunday AIDS march on Washington

This event was NOT the Tuesday, July 24 mobilization, but rather a mass march that kicks off the massive International AIDS Convention.


That convention is in the US for the first time in 23 years, thanks to the lifting of a visa ban on people testing positive for HIV. Unfortunately non-US sex workers who were supposed to participate in the convention were still denied visas.

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Adams Morgan Mural - big file to test

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March for Women's Lives 2004

Aerial photoMarch for Women's Lives Pro-Choice, 1.2 million 2004