Last year, the fetus-stealing antiabortion extremists of PAAU broke into a clinic in Alexandria, VA. On July 12, 2022 six of them pleaded no-contest to trespassing and were taken directly to JAIL. Two of them got 30 day jail terms, four more got four days apiece. PAAU is famous for having broken into a DC clinic to steal fetal remains.

Video: Protesters at Alito's house including on in classic Halloween witch dress 1 min 23 sec

Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito's embrace of 17th century rape-legalizing, witch-killing judge Matthew Hale in the Dobbs decision has earned him over two months of protests outside his home by pro-choice and religious freedom advocates. On the 9th of June, one of the protesters was dressed in the clothing typically associated with a Halloween "witch," pointed hat and straw broom included.

On the 9th of July, protesters summoned into action by Women's March descended on Franklin Square park, and marched from there to the White House. Barricades did not stop them, they went around or over all obstacles. They reached the White House fence, tied green bandannas to the fence, some even tied themselves to the fence. Cops declined to make the expected mass arrests.

Video: Women's March occupies, ties green bandannas to White House Fence 1 min 30 sec

On the 8th of July, Extinction Rebellion DC blockaded Washington Gas's headquarters as part of their ongoing campaign to block a $5B gas pipeline replacement project. This campaign is known as "Electrify DC" and this is the latest in a string of high profile disruptive actions.

Video: Extinction Rebellion's boat blockade at Washington Gas 1 min

In the wake of "Back Alley Brett" Kavanaugh scuttling out of Morton's like the vermin he is, Shut Down DC has posted a bounty on future sightings of Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and Roberts. Bounty is $50 for a "confirmed sighting" and $200 if they are still there 30 minutes later.

Here is the text of the posted bounty:

DC Service Industry Workers... If you see Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett or Roberts DM us with the details! :

Video: protesters marching in Amy Coney Barrett's neighborhood 16 sec

On the 7th of June, protesters again showed up at the home of Amy Coney Barret, literal handmaid of the religious cult People of Praise and SCOTUS "Justice." This was first time back in VA after the Marshal of the Supreme Court attempted to demand MD and VA "enforce" laws regulating residential picketing the protesters are already in compliance with.

On the 7th of June, members of the Proud Boys were spotted on the Mall, showing their signature logos and insignia. Use caution around the Mall and major government buildings.

Video-Protesters at Kavanaugh's house read out 1st Amendment, keep going in drenching rain 2 min

Update: Kavanaugh bailed out of restaurant Morgan's later that night after protesters showed up in front. Maybe he should speak to former DC Mayor Tony Williams about how bad this can get?

On the 6th of July, what was originally an anti-vaccine mandate convoy but has morphed to a general far-right convoy returned to DC. Shortly after they arrived, their leader (a man known as "Santa") was arrested-on a warrant from MD. After the convoy blockaded part of I-95 on July 4, the MD authorities in a highly unusual stop obtained an arrest warrant for the known leader.

Video-Demanding "Spineless gutless Democrats" expand the Supreme Court, protect abortion rights 49 sec

On the 6th of July,pro-choice advocates gathered at the Supreme Court and marched to the House of Representatives. Marchers demanded House Democrats take the lead on protecting abortion rights. Protesters explicity demanded expanding the Supreme Court to remove Trump's leftovers from the "majority."

On July 4, as confrontations raged nationally over the nightmare of spreading abortion bans and fundamentalism, Declare Emergency reminded the US that there is still another emergency: the climate crisis. This time around, they blocked the Capitol Beltway to protest unending CO2 emissions.

Up until now, blocking the Beltway was something always dreamed of but never done. Now that has become reality, as is a crushing climate catastrophe.

The same fake abortion clinic on Capitol Hill Hit by Jane's revenge on June 2 or June 3 on July 4 got a warning sticker on their door calling them out as a fake clinic that does not perform abortions and instead dispenses propaganda.

On the 4th of July, "Fuck the 4th" and similar abortion rights turned people out in the streets everywhere:

DC Media Group video: Protesters at Kavanaugh's house read out the First Amendment 2 min 3 sec

After the big post-Dobbs June 29 protests at the homes of "Justices " Kavanaugh's and Roberts, the Supreme Court's marshall sent letters to MD and VA begging them to enforce laws that supposedly ban but actually only regulate residential protests. On Saturday, the 2nd of June, Kavanaugh got a special visit from protesters reading the First Amendment in front of his house.

Video: Protesters return to the home of Amy Coney Barrett in the wake of Dobbs 20 sec

Amy Coney Barrett is infamous for two things: her vote to overturn Roe v Wade in the Dobbs case, and her former leadership rank of "handmaid" in the People of Praise fundamentalist Christian cult. The 30th of June was the first regularily scheduled protest outside her house since the Dobbs ruling came down the previous week.

Video: Tour of Shame visits the homes of many GOP Senators 6 min 1 sec

On the last day of June, the Supreme Court released another atrocious ruling, this time gutting the ability of EPA to control CO2 emission from fossil fuel burning power plants. Hours later, protesters staging a "Tour of Shame" unfurled a "We the Corporations" preamble to a new Constitution and marched it from SCOTUS to the nearby homes of several GOP Senators.

Video: Civil Disobedience at the Supreme Court 2 min 30 sec

On the 30th of June, hundreds of protesters were arrested in a sit-in blocking 1st st and Constitution Ave NE. This was part of the storm of protests opposing the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling permitting states to criminalize abortion for the first time in 50 years.

Video: First two passes on Kavanaugh's house show strength of crowd 1 min 37 sec

On the 29th of June, many times more people than the previous week answered the call to show up at "Justice" Kavanaugh's and "Justice" Roberts's homes and protest for abortion rights and gender equality.

People are furious that half of the US is now well on the way to theocracy, with the real risk that women who are caught seeking abortions could face decades in prison or worse.

Video-Resistance March on Capitol Hill 2 min 3 sec

On the 29th of June, a march around Capitol Hill shifted fire from the Supreme Court to Congress and the Biden administration. Marchers demanded the filibuster be abolished, the Supreme Court expanded, Federal lands be used to provide abortion services in ban states, and the Hyde Amendment be repealed.

In the face of the Dobbs decision and the deadly threat posed by an explosion of anti-choice state laws, people are rising to new heights of resistance. On the 28th of June, climbers dropped a banner from a crane near North Capitol St and FL Ave, reading "Biden Protect Abortion."

The banner hang is reminescent of the "Resist" banner Greenpeace dropped from a crane near the White House in those first desperate days after Trump's January 20 2017 (J20) Inauguration.